Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A deeply dishonourable deal

With the only certainty being a further general election in 2010 to sort the mess out, the public's perception of the party leaders' behaviour now will be critical. Clegg has been stripped bare, and the man beneath is not an attractive sight; a chiselling little Euro-apparatchik playing for power at the expense of the British people. Voters will remember.

As for Labour, their willingness to dump Brown - a man whom we must now regard as having laboured under a mental disability that should have excluded him from public office for his own well-being - will play badly in Labour heartlands where loyalty is singularly regarded. With a bit of luck, the entire run-up to the next election will have Labour's internal fighting in the background, and if we go to the polls again before Brown is replaced the country will be faced with the extraordinary prospect of voting for a party with an unknown leader. Nor can Labour's internal arrangements be used to postpone the next election until September - it will come as soon as Clegg's coalition collapses.

As for the suggestion that a Lib - Lab alliance would force through legislation to change our electoral system without a referendum, this is a deeply dishonourable course of action that betrays the sovereignty of the British people; it is the sort of thing we deprecate when done by African presidents consolidating power, and we certainly won't stand for it here. Neither, I think will a majority of MPs from all parties, for in such a Bill they will see the death of the political class.

At the moment Cameron is playing it exactly right. He may not be the world's most effective or charismatic leader, but he's blessed with a basic decency and sense of honour that is serving him well; he just has to be himself. Let Clegg and Mandelson sew up a deal, reap the ordure and suffer the ignominious collapse that will signal the next election.


English Pensioner said...

I too have my doubts as to whether they could force through change without Tory agreement.
The Tories may not have an overall majority, but they only need a few honourable MPs from other parties to join them in opposition to prevent change.
No doubt, as with fox hunting, they will devote many hours of parliamentary time on this issue, and very little on the pressing matter of the economy.

Budgie said...

With Brown heading for the exit, Labour are rudderless. Pity - I wanted a LibLab deal. They would fail to rescue the UK from the mess Labour has made, and be blamed for it (at last!). And Cameron would be out on his ear. What's not to like?