Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Electoral violence and intimidation in Bow

There have been problems with violence from Bangladeshi youths in East London for some time now. The number of Jack the Ripper walking tours has dropped substantially since Asian youths showed their objection at this 'trespass' on their territory by stoning tour parties of elderly tourists. The friendly sound of Bow bells has been replaced by the crow-like screech of the muezzin from the mosque. This is the sort of place they carry Diane Abbot around on a palanquin to the sound of praise-songs. This is a part of England that has been colonised by an alien people, and is now as lost to us as Calais.

It was surely naivety or foolishness then that drove the Independent's Jerome Taylor to walk about here alone yesterday, following up the voting fraud stories. He forgot the third characteristic of elections in Bangladesh - that along with bribery and fraud, violence also helps secure a 'democratic' ballot. The Bengali youths kicked the shit out of him.


Anonymous said...

Evidence enough (as if it were ever needed in the first place) that the wrong type of immigration has been deliberately allowed to happen here in the UK.

This lot should be rounded up at gunpoint and deported.

Coney Island

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Independent reporter gets beaten up by ethnic minorities.

Perhaps he'll get his head out of his arse now.

Mrs Rigby said...

It's head-shakingly terrible. Didn't know about this, thanks.

Anonymous said...

He claims he lives in the East End. But not, one surmises, this part of it.

William Gruff said...

Excellent news. 'The Media' may now start to see things from a different perspective.