Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Even the LibDems must condemn this HRA failure

Let's be real. There can be few LibDems who will be happy for fanatical Jihadists determined to take British lives to be freed to get on with their evil. But Clegg's party's support of the Human Rights Act produces exactly this result. The legislation is fundamentally flawed in that it fails to recognise the primacy of our nation's security and of our protection from evildoing, and that this must excuse when necessary dealing cruelly and harshly with those that threaten us.

Jihadists may be primitive, credulous and unenlightened misfits from one of the world's most backward armpits, but they know fully well that if they conspire to evil and violence against us they place their own lives at risk. The LibDems must support whatever changes are needed for the HRA to recognise this reality.

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Anonymous said...

Quite so. Shoot the feckers and then they won't pose any problem at all ever again. Moreover, it sends out the right message to others who would abuse our hospitality.

Coney Island