Friday, 7 May 2010

If Brown hasn't resigned by 18.00, I foresee trouble

The people of Britain have spoken - and they've rejected Labour and the LibDems both. If Labour supporters can't hear that verdict as clearly as the rest of us, if Brown attempts to form a coalition government with Clegg and struggle on, we're heading into real trouble.

Brown has only one realistic option - to offer his resignation to the Sovereign. If he hasn't done so by the time of this evening's main news broadcasts then Paul Stephenson would be well advised to cancel all police leave this weekend, for I foresee real trouble ahead.


Barnacle Bill said...

Anyone know a good recipe for Molotov cocktails?

Budgie said...

Brown is not finished. He will be propped up by the LibDems. (They will then lose the trust of Tory supporters who have voted LibDem to keep Labour out.)

What does Labour have to do to lose its core votes? I cannot think of one policy area that Labour has not messed up, but they have still done quite well.

Unfortunately the economic situation (deficit, debts) is so dire that there are only two outcomes (imho): the UK will decline and disintegrate becoming a grey, pointless, derelict EU island; or there will be a quick bust that the UK could rise up from.

Tyson said...

What nonsense. You are a drama queen. If Brown did form a coalition government, people would just give a sigh of relief that it's all over and carry on with their lives. No blood on the streets, but certainly more elbow power for proponents of PR.

Anyway, with the LDs being Tories in sheeps clothing, they will most likely jump in bed with them. Although, now it's looking like the Tories may not need them, anyway.

cornishgiant said...

Sorry, this is nonsense! Most of inner city London is red, the blue parts of London are well to do and not prone to throwing bricks.

"Pass me that firebomb Rufus, there's a good chap..."?

Umm, no. There will be a lot of disgruntled people, but, stoic British mumbling, but no blood

F*cking Treasonous C*nts said...

The only people who riot are "The Great Unwashed" (ie: Socialists). Remember the Poll Tax riots, etc.

They've got a far better result than they even they dared to hope for.

The riots may come later in the year, when the shit eventually arrives at their doorsteps.

Robert said...

The Battle of Britain is over, the Battle for England has just begun.

Whatever outcome, be it a Brown Lib deal or a Tory minority government we will have another election sooner rather than later.

Dave has lost this one so what chance has he of winning the next after the cuts he must make to keep the country solvent?

He has lost 13 seats and counting because he reneged on Lisbon and rejected the good lord's offer.

If we get PR it will be the end of single party government by the Conservatives. Chalk that one up to Dave. The great leader who lost a 20 point lead in the polls to change and the big society and forgetting his core vote.


F*cking Treasonous C*nts said...

Let's be absolutley clear, don't blame Cameron or Clegg or whoever.

It wouldn't matter how the vote was split, but for ONE thing:
The ONLY people to blame are the F*cking Treasonous C*nts who voted Liebour

Anonymous said...

Looking at the division of seats by country, I suggest that now is the time for a referendum amongst the English on Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish independence. If we shed those hangers on, those would be Socialist States, we in England would have a much better chance.

Anonymous said...

Labour have played the last 13 years very well. No - here me out. I didn't say "made a good job of governing this country", I said played the last 13 years well. The reason we are bust as a nation is directly linked to the reason Labour hasn't lost this election completely. Labour handed out highly paid "non-jobs" right across the land - 618,000 of them, all earning great money and cast iron pensions. The cost to the nation of this is approx £37Bn per year. Now, if you had one of these jobs where you didn't have to do much, enjoyed flexi-time and a range of other easy-going benefits, who would you vote for?

Next - immigration. If you were an immigrant who suddenly found the land of El Dorado along with a passport (Labour has handed them out at the rate of 1500 per week) that entitled you to a vote, who would you vote for?

Exactly - its called gerrymandering, but on a scale never seen in any other country on Earth. Labour has bought (at a guess) 2,000,000 votes, and not enough people have noticed what has been going on over this protracted period of time. Now, inspite of the fact that I hate the bastards, that's clever!

Coney Island

Chuckles said...

'Gordon Riots' has a certain ring to it doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

A hospital pass on the rugby field is a pass which reaches its recipient a split second before he's smashed to the ground by one or more opponents thundering down on him. The election result is the political equivalent of a hospital pass for Dave, as Economic Meltdown Part II rolls in.

I'd love to see a LibDem-Lab pact right now: after they take the measures the markets will oblige them to take, Joe Public - who knows stuff-all about economics but is buggered if anyone's taking his feather bed away without a knife fight - would kick them so far into touch at the next election it'd take them 20 years to limp back to the pitch. As it is, Dave will surely carry the can - which, come to think of it, isn't such a bad result after all...