Saturday, 29 May 2010


Laws. Lex dura sed Lex.

He offended. He's now done entirely the proper thing and resigned. However, if this extremely able and talented man doesn't return to government at some point, the nation will be the loser. A quick, clean resignation means a shorter spell in the sin bin.

That's all. Carry on.


Anonymous said...

As a self-employed person, I wish I could avoid £40k in tax and simply "apologise".

Of course, having been caught, I would then promise to pay it.

I suspect that I would be trying to repay it from the local "nick" though.

That's all. Carry on, indeed.

You wish.

Able and talented he might be but there's no doubting where his loyaties lie.

Anonymous said...

Priorities... not loyalties... I had a moment there...

Elby the Beserk said...

Fell on his sword in a manner utterly unknown to the chavs in charge before.

Helloooooo Ms. Smith.

Andy B said...

More likely "strongly encouraged to fall to make it look honourable".

I hate Labour with a passion but at this moment in time, I am not entirely convinced that the Cons or the Libs are any better.

Not a great start though is it?

Guthrum said...

It is right and proper that the Political Elite are more scared of us than we of them

Woodsy42 said...

I generally agree with your opinions but not this time.
If a benefit claimant had done this (pretending not to cohabit to gain benefit) they would probably have found themselves in court, and maybe prison, over a fraction of the money this man took.
It's sad that someone so able should be lost but A - I think he deserves to go to court for fraud and B - anyone so stupid to be caught doing this after the last year is not as clever as you think!

Mrs Rigby said...

The Telegraph's timing is 'interesting', especially after last week's QT.

But, he's done the right thing. But no doubt there will be Labourites who make noises, even though only one or two can claim any moral high ground.

Hopefully his spell out of office will be short, and will give others cause to reflect and check on their own skeletal cupboards.

Scrobs... said...

"Lord Steel said: "His mistake did not cost the taxpayer a penny since he could have been paying to rent a room elsewhere.

"Therefore his resignation seems to be an over-the-top reaction to newspaper stories and has cost the new government an able minister."

No it didn't, but it went into his chum's pocket didn't it!

And no, it's not an over-reaction. The general public is not allowed to cheat the public purse - however it is explained, so I'm afraid he apologised just a bit too late.

Whether he is talented or not doesn't come into it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Scrobs' sentiments re David Laws.

I'm also pleased that he has done the decent and honourable thing and tendered his resignation. Had he not done so, I'm sure Cameron would have been left with no choice but to sack him.

Compare and contrast with the behaviour of the previous government's ministers who brazened it out for as long as possible before being forced to resign. Two of whom had to resign twice, and many had neither the decency nor honour to resign at at all.

hatfield girl said...

'O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason.'

Arfur Pint said...

Sorry to be thick, but I still do not understand the difference between Jacqui Smith renting a room with public funds from her sister and him renting a room from public funds from a mate. The former was told it was ok and no need to repay anything, the latter had been told to repay and resign. Either way, he would still have had to rent a room somewhere from public funds to facilitate him staying in London. The world has gone mad.