Monday, 3 May 2010

Meanwhile in Hungary ...

The modern Magyar Garda ....

In case you'd missed it, the right-wing Fidesz party gained a two-thirds majority in the second round of voting in Hungary's elections, thus avoiding having to enter a coalition with the Nazi Jobbik party. Good news for us all.

Jobbik are the successors to the wartime Arrow Cross, allies of Nazi Germany and responsible for the slaughter of many of Hungary's Jews. Jobbik comes complete with its own brownshirts, the Magyar Garda, who wear armbands as close to the illegal Arrow Cross symbols as they can get. Their credo is one of bile and hatred towards both Jews and gypsies, and there have been six recent murders of gypsies. Nasty indeed.

We really should be grateful that the BNP is run by Nick Griffin rather than someone with any ability.

... and the illegal wartime Arrow Cross flag

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Anonymous said...

Since when is Jobbik the successor of Arrow Cross, you smartass?! They have nothing to do with Naziism. Mind your own country's business you paranoic self-made Hungarian-politics expert.