Friday, 21 May 2010

On the brink

The Euro crisis has placed the world on the brink looking into the depths of an abyss of global financial depression. Whilst our politicians find quiet ways to steal our taxes to line their party pockets and Euro fantasists in Brussels can't escape from their Federast dream-world the world is changing; the plates are shifting and a great change is afoot.

We don't have the slightest notion of the challenges we'll be called upon to face if the system falls. However, our strength, our national resilience, our ability to face the storm and keep the bow into the waves depends on those reserves of national character that have served us well in the past. I disagree with those who think we've lost it; I see signs of it every day, I see it in the comments to this blog. Our national character has been brutalised under Labour, starved and tortured by Brussels and perverted by the weak and foolish but I'm convinced it remains, hidden and undimmed, quietly waiting. And that gives me confidence.

So a weekend's work on the new boat - Anna - ahead and no doubt a beer or two.


Anonymous said...

But will Anna have her own blog?

Budgie said...

It is a crisis, but regretfully I don't think the euro will sink on the current showing of the crisis. For it to fail either the euro's troubles will (must) get worse, or the EU will patch it up and put off the terminal failure for a few years yet.