Thursday, 20 May 2010


Cock-up after corruption, it seems; after hosting the coalition document on a word press template at with opportunities for public comment for each section, more conventional non-Web 2.0 heads prevailed and the site now redirects to a boring and inaccessible presentation at with no opportunity for comment on the policies at all. After silencing the 1922 Committee, it's clear the way that Cameron's Central State Party structure intends to govern. Corruptly.

Back to that State funding deal. Only parties that returned MPs, and that returned MPs who take their seats, are eligible. That rules out any funding for UKIP (917,832 votes), the BNP (563,743 votes) and Sinn Fein (171,942 votes) but guarantees funding for the Greens (285,616 votes) and the Alliance Party (42,762 votes). However, 59.1% of the funding will go to the Coalition - helping Clegg and Cameron cement their incumbency and crowd out any challenge to their dying parties from newcomers.

It stinks like rotten mackerel. It's a lousy, corrupt, venal subversion of tax funds for crooked political ends. It's anti-democratic, it's a naked and avaricious grasp for power at a time when the old parties are coming to their natural ends, with a combined membership of less than 1% of the electorate they're now thieving our taxes to keep their cosy private clubs solvent. It's a foul and filthy pillage of public money for private gain.

I had been prepared to give the Coalition the doubt, but in less than a week they've shown their true colours.

Prepare for battle, gentlemen.

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Robert said...

A week? What took you so long? This was always about what Dave and Nick wanted. Nothing to do with the mugs who voted for them.

This has reminded me that all these politicos are scum. I first saw this in student politics some 40 years ago.Nothing has changed. We don't need them. They are vermin to be exterminated. Life can go on without them. You just have to make the leap of faith.

When the coaltion collapses Dave and Cleggover will be out. The sooner the better.