Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Plenty to cut still ...

Yesterday's little tickler was a decent start, but there's plenty of room for further cuts. Just a couple of comments for today;

Audit Commission £209m
Half the Audit Commission's work is fine. This is the bit that sends auditors into public-funded bodies to ensure probity and good stewardship of public funds, and that no-one has their fingers in the till.

The other half of the AC's work is to impose a centralist, Statist and homogenous system of Whitehall command and control across what are essentially local services; their self-invented system of scoring and marking enables them to coerce non-conforming and independent bodies into following central diktat. This bit must go.

Savings? An easy £100m p.a. here.

Homes and Communities Agency £4,505m
Social housing and regeneration. This is the body that funds all those Housing Associations currently buying-up your closed neighbourhood pubs and turning them into bedsits for Albanians. Also pumps money into the old Labour heartlands to retrain redundant tin-bashers in windmill maintenance. Some good work in bringing forward polluted sites for development (where de-polluting costs otherwise make sites uneconomic to develop).

Since immigration levels drive the need for new social housing, effective action on immigration will substantially reduce demand. And tax-breaks for investors is an equally if not more effective way of securing regeneration.

Savings? An easy £2.5bn a year here.

That's enough for today.


The Axeman said...

Slightly O/T but relevant to your post below about ACPO. Yesterday evening here in the sunny uplands of "abroad" I turned on the telly to see Hugh Orde on BBC World "Hardtalk" trying to defend the existence of his organisation. The interviewer naturally brought up the subject of how ACPO would be affected by the impending cash cutting. After some to-ing and fro-ing, he seemed to agree that, as far as he was concerned, it was fine to cut anything except salaries and pensions.

So that's ok then.

I don't know if this interview is available anywhere on the BBC website, but if so it may be worth a look. More arrows for your quiver.

Budgie said...

The LibLabCon party seems to scratch its collective head over finding government waste to cut. Actually it is quite easy. But not only is the difficulty exaggerated, the further twin bonuses are not considered at all.

It is not just money saved but the reduction in the ball-and-chain effect of government social engineering imposed on ordinary people. The second bonus is the reduction in the power of the statist chattering class from among whom the government control freaks are recruited in the first place.