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Sunday, 20 June 2010

If the last Parliament was Rotten, what is the current one?

If the last Parliament is remembered in history as the Rotten Parliament, I wonder how posterity will remember this one. Limp? Feeble? Of course the new House hasn't yet fought it's first great set-piece battle, the budget debate, but I wonder how impassioned this will turn out to be.

Labour have something of the air of the Nuremberg Nazis about them at present, powerless and captive and forced to watch films documenting their rape and spoilation of the British economy. One or two of them have even mounted the Nazi defence; "Of course I was a party member, but I had no idea this sort of thing was going on. It was a close circle around Gordon that was responsible - the rest of us didn't know".

And whilst Doenitz and Himmler squabble over who will take the Boss' place, where is the Konrad Adenauer waiting in the wings? Where is Labour's clean pair of hands? Labour's ideology of avarice, unfairness and centrist social engineering is utterly bankrupt, and with no leader to embody an alternative, its MPs are bereft of something to be passionate for. Until they find it, I fear they will be whipped and cowed in Parliament, tormented by the jeers excoriating their failure.


Treason Trials said...

"...I fear they will be whipped and cowed in Parliament..."

F*ck that, Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!!!

Given the treason committed by the Liebour leadership & the blind indifferent obedience of the backbenchers (vote as you're told & then you can get back to your troughing), they are bloody lucky that there are enough c*nts in the populace who voted for them that any of them got back in.

Robert said...

This is the save Dave coalition. There is Simon Hughes on the Libdem left biding his time, and the Tory right waiting for Dave to blow it.

There is so little between what we had and what we now have that we will have to wait for the events dear boy. One Libdim minister already gone and another caught on the job. This looks a lot like the old politics as usual.

Anonymous said...

I really do hope and pray that Ed is elected, if that happy day was to occasion, it of course will consign them to where they ultimately belong - the dustbin of history.

English Pensioner said...

I was rather hoping that Diane Abbott would be Labour's next leader. It would put Harriet Harperson in her place, and judging by her television appearances, at least she has a sense of humour (which probably disqualifies her for the post).

Guthrum said...

The Eton Parliament

Chuckles said...

Guthrum, The 'Eton Mess' surely?

As to Parliament, I'm thinking Dangling, Festering, Suppurating, Virtual, Almost, Foster-Care?