Friday, 18 June 2010

MSPs vote for deep fried Mars Bars

Scots taxpayers are today considering the decision by MSPs to keep open a heavily subsidised posh restaurant in the Scottish Parliament which they never use. The MSPs themselves prefer chips, pies and pizza from the staff canteen, leaving the linen napery and polished cutlery gathering dust, the pigeon breast and Borzoi bean salad untouched and the fine wines eschewed for Irn Bru.

Clearly the following addition to the a la carte menu is required;
Desserts -

Prime hand-bought Mars Bar deep fried in tempura batter served dusted with cocaine sugar and a coulis of pan-reduced Buckfast wine
That'll bring them in.


subrosa said...

Ouch lol.

Scrobs... said...

Not forgetting the 'Glasgow Salad'...

William Gruff said...

'Scots taxpayers ... '?