Thursday, 10 June 2010

Netherlands election results

After an initial poll shock that suggested that Geert Wilders could be Holland's next PM, the last pre-voting poll suggested a more modest 18 seats for the PVV. In reality they achieved 21 24 - a gain of 12 15 from their previous 9 seats. Labour won 30, down from 33 and the Liberals 31, up from 22. The biggest hit was taken by the CDA Christian Democrats, down from 41 seats to just 21.

The Liberals (VVD), CDA and Wilders' PVV are all in the centre-right to right spectrum and could feasibly form a coalition government with a shared agenda, with 73 seats together. The centre-right VVD could team up with centre-left Labour (PvdA) with a total of 61 seats, but they are diametrically opposed on the need for spending cuts. I have a feeling that the first option is the most likely - and that Wilders will gain a seat in the Cabinet.

Interesting times.

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Ed P said...

Perhaps Wilders for Minister for Arranged Repatriation? there's obviously serious discontent in the Netherlands over their relatively high muslim population, so it will be interesting to see how they manage what is now effectively a mandated issue.