Monday, 5 July 2010

Clegg sneaks in party funding - wait for the Bill

I've frequently said that our politicians need watching like hawks lest they try to sneak in a measure to support their dying parties from public funds; Cameron is not bothered, but Clegg has made no secret of his ambition to prop up the failing LibDem party, which has just 60,000 members, from our taxes. Make no mistake. Political parties are private clubs, and they must either fund themselves or die. I will not assent to a penny more of my taxes being used to prop up these moribund central Statists.

So no surprise then that would be tax-thief Clegg announced today;
That programme includes introducing a power of recall for MPs guilty of serious wrongdoing, tackling the influence of big money as we look again at party funding, taking forward long overdue reform of the other place, implementing the Wright Committee recommendations, and taking steps to give people more power to shape parliamentary business, speeding up the implementation of individual voter registration, and increasing transparency in lobbying, including through a statutory register.Today I am announcing the details of a number of major elements of the Government’s proposals for political reform....

The truth will be in the detail of the forthcoming Bills, and they need thorough reading as they are published. So I'm holding my fire for the moment.

The really good news in the announcement is the equalising of the Electoral Quotient across the UK, with the implementation of the +/-5% limit long advocated here, with the exception of the Scottish islands.

600 seats gives an EQ of about 75,000, with an envelope of 71,250 to 78,750. Many Scots and Welsh seats will disappear.

Then came the curious statement that;
We have listened, also, to those who have very large constituencies – so the Bill will provide that no constituency will be larger than the size of the largest one now.
Um, the largest constituency now is the Isle of Wight, with around 108,000 voters. What can he mean?

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wildgoose said...

Pay parties £1 per vote, per General Election, but make the £500 deposit for standing non-returnable.

Make them work for every vote in every seat rather than just working the marginal constituencies to death.