Thursday, 8 July 2010

Councils get their retaliation in first

As far as local councils are concerned, there is a deeply held belief that a Whitehall charged with realising 25% savings will seek to cut 24.9% directly from council budgets whilst trumpeting the 0.1% cut from its own.

So not content with waiting for the October spending review, the Local Government Association has published its own list of proposed cuts, including;
  • £400m from 'reductions in data burdens'
  • £250m from 'reducing the costs of regulating local government'
  • £1.5bn from reducing departmental costs within the 7 Whitehall departments concerned with councils
  • £1bn saving in Whitehall departmental resource budgets by reducing regulation
  • £50m saving from reduced Whitehall-compliant administration for specific grants
  • £900m savings by giving councils greater spending flexibility
  • £430m from reducing Quango admin costs
  • £860m from reducing Quango budgets by 2%
Um, and the savings to be made by councils themselves are where, exactly?

The Treasury, of course, is laughing up its sleeve; it will take both the Whitehall savings identified by councils, and all the council savings identified by Whitehall.

The tragedy of it all is the sheer waste under Labour - that we've been paying for all this dross for years without either the LGA or Whitehall suggesting a single cent in savings.


Scrobs... said...

I'm delighted to see the back of SEEDA, which has been a bloated and useless hindrance to just about everything developable in the South East for far too long.

I have notes of a project where I was given a straight run by an energetic (for once), and innovative council, to look at one specific new-build scheme, worth about £7m. It had appeared at just the right time, and we fired up the team to do the deal.

That's until the next phone call to the SEEDA man, who effectively poured cold water over the whole scenario and immediately delayed the scheme for a year, which was exactly the time needed for the investors to go away, and make the 'exciting' project halt in it's tracks.

Then the recession hit home, and it wasn't even looked at for three years.

The same LA are now begging us to revisit the project, but as a minor shadow of its former self, and probably not worth doing; until SEEDA piss off for good that is...

Jeff Wood said...

"... it will take both the Whitehall savings identified by councils, and all the council savings identified by Whitehall."

Sounds good to me. Civil war in the system: leaves us a bit of room.

If they start guillotining one another, I shall take up knitting.

Demetrius said...

The scale of the waste must be the greatest in the history of the Atlantic Isles and beyond anything in the past. It makes the Prince Regent look like a miser.

Budgie said...

It would be soooo easy to find cuts to get rid of our deficit. Here's some:
1. Sell the BBC
2. Leave the EU
3. Stop spending on green fantasies
4. Close DfID
5. Cut NHS management back down to 1997 levels
6. Axe most Quangos
7. Halve no of police vehicles
8. Minimal immigration, repatriate illegals and prisoners

Hild said...

You got it, Mr. B!

Too simple and unsophisticated for the marxists and their indoctined, I suspect.