Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"I have been humiliated enough" - Oh, no you haven't

It is a measure of Brown's dissociation from reality at the end that he seriously imagined the nation's process of political succession could be manipulated to spare him further humiliation. Politics is by its nature red in tooth and claw, unsparing of the feelings of the defeated, absent of the niceties of cosseting bruised egos. This morning you're Prime Minister, privy to the secrets of the Realm, but by this afternoon you're wrapping your framed photos for the removal man and phoning to find an overnight room in a Travelodge on the M1.

On the last day in the bunker, Mandelson says he encouraged Gordon to go the palace before dark, according to an account in the Herald Tribune. Perhaps Brown's instincts even then were for twilight, for a Götterdämmerung lit with a pyre of blazing mobile phones, pulling the walls of Number 10 down around himself. But in the end he went quietly enough, saying to Clegg on the phone;
The public has run out of patience, and so have I. I have served the country as best I can. I know the country’s mood. They will not tolerate me waiting another night. I have no option. You are a good man and you have to make a decision. I have made mine. It is final. I am going to the palace. Goodbye.
But humiliated enough? Oh no. Not for his poisonous legacy. Not for the spoilation of our economy, or for the trashing of our national culture, the condemnation of two generations to Welfare slavery, for shredding our international standing and the destruction of our hallowed institutions. For all this, humiliation must haunt Brown to the grave.


Blue Eyes said...

He will be remembered as one of the worst Chancellors ever. And one of the worst Prime Ministers ever. That will be his true legacy.

Manganese said...

I certainly think he SHOULD be remembered as one of the worst chancellors and PMs ever. But, as ever, he will probably be judged according to one's political hue...in the same way that Thatcher is either sinner or saint.

There are plenty of misguided fools around who are still deceived into thinking he single-handed saved the economy and led the rest of the world to salvation.

In reality, by the time Brown had stepped into the Prime Minister's shoes, 'failure' was written all over him.

His eventual ejection was that of a drunk who has spoiled the party, at first being quietly asked to leave and, on refusing to do so, being manhandled through the door. Dignified exit...I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Take one look at the rivals jockeying for the Labour leadership, 'spineless pond life' is a generous description.

It was these gutless wonders who fell aside, allowing the dreich one to rise to power.
The master of no trade, analogous to; a kitchen DIY bodger in control of masterminding the architecture in the construction of Canterbury Cathedral.

Never can a less deserving eejit, micro managing fool, full of his own pomposity, ever have risen to 'the thone' but Brown was having none of it, it was his sense of entitlemnent which to me was so dismaying, it was so obvious he was lacking in any worthwhile trait, that would at least have mitigated the awfulness which ensued.
So after the worst prime minister in British history, another quickly followed who was even worse!

It should be remembered that those inanities who were responsible for allowing this awful state of affairs to come about, are those same spineless 'yes men' now bidding for the Labour leadership.

Never let it be forgotten, that the New Labour party is the Socialist festering canker which needs to be purged, effaced even off the political landscape of Britain.

Budgie said...

A couple of days in the stocks then five years in prison would sort out Blair and Brown's self serving attitudes.

Problem is, as manganese says, Labour supporters blame Thatcher, the Bankers and the Tories for the mess we are in now. Somehow the last 13 years hard Labour has passed out of their collective minds.

Anonymous said...

Should Brown be further pursued is being turned over in lots of minds. The impression that he is confined to North Queensferry is stable and growing in strength. His movements are monitored always, his communications surveilled, he had only been in the House five minutes when the Labour chief whip appeared, all bonhomie and pats on the back but he hasn't been seen there since. His children have been withdrawn from their London schools, the Labour Leader Ms Harman says he is 'settling his family into their Scottish home'.

Internal exile is quite common in UK history, and more respectable, less rancorously vindictive than practices of charges and trials used in other countries - indeed the ousting of the elected PM, Blair, by just such threats from Brown demeaned Brown particularly.

You are right Brown has not been humiliated enough - his humiliation continues apace. But it is the unfolding of the history of what he did that will deliver the continuing abasement; I'm not sure we want to touch pitch by personalising it and becoming involved.

Should he be unwise enough to try any rejection of objective condemnation from what he has done becoming known in ever greater depth, then another view might be taken. He should be very concerned to prevent 'spokespersons', beginning with his wife, from attempting a re-presentation, or more favourable interpretation, of his behaviour. Or of allowing grandiose claims to jobs beyond his ken being put forward as real prospects by his 'friends'.

Nick Drew said...

have to say, I enjoyed reading of the discomfiture of Phil 'Odious' Woolas

Elby the Beserk said...

I did SO want to see him wheeled out of Number 10 in a straitjacket, preferably on a porter's trolley a la Hannibal Lecter.

Hild said...

There now, and I thought he'd only given the country away and conned everybody into thinking he had the right to do so!

Or maybe it's just that we no longer have the stomach for hanging, drawing, quartering - and, to boot, sticking the head on a pole on ?Tower Bridge.

And he doesn't think he's lucky?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Hild - my sentiments exactly.

Anon 11:46 - welcome back, you've been missed.