Tuesday, 6 July 2010

If you don't like the 'Mail' try the Court of Appeal

It may be that you will automatically condemn this story in this morning's Mail as fiction; tales of the Turkish, Somali and Portuguese workless taking their pick of public housing at the British taxpayer's expense.

Well, if you don't like the 'Mail', try the Court of Appeal. Our courts are packed with housing cases when just occasionally immigrants of the type that appear in the 'Mail' story get turned down; then the taxpayer has to shell out for ruinous legal costs as decisions taken by councils and Housing Associations are challenged.

This recent case is just one such - from my own borough, Lewisham. A family of Tamil immigrants in which only the mother seems to be able to speak any English, and with the father and three children all suffering long-term chronic health problems, nevertheless knew enough to get themselves on the Council's priority housing list and were given a three-bed flat. For various reasons they didn't like it, and wanted somewhere different. Lewisham offered them a ground-floor 3 bed flat in Brockley, an expensive area of the borough favoured by young professionals. They turned it down because it meant walking up a hill. The Council said it had discharged its duty by making the offer. The court held differently, and allowed the appeal. Go figure. Sprinkled throughout the case are the usual accusations of 'racism' against neighbours and housing officers without which no housing appeals case seems complete.

'Mail' or not, it really is high time we grasped this nettle.


Likely long term expat said...

It is also high time we very firmly grasped the necks of the clueless idiots who infest the length and breadth of our judicial system. When, oh when, will plain common sense and decency return? Until such time, I remain offshore.

talwin said...

Accusations of racism? Is it any wonder, nowadays? With stuff like this, it's getting increasingly difficult to hang on to one's PC or liberal credentials (or, for some, I dare say, the last vestiges of them).

Anonymous said...

Nothing can happen until the Britain withdraws from the ECHR and it ain't gonna happen.
Immigrants know before they arrive how to play the system, if they do not know, some lawyer from the matrix will help.
We are a push over, it is world renowned and all they have to do is to get here, the rest is easy, this is why they come.

Budgie said...

"the clueless idiots who infest the length and breadth of our judicial system"

I suspect they are not "clueless" but overwhelmed by Labour's tide of political correctness. Anyone who actually exhibits common sense has his head chopped off, as we know all too well from the Labour establishment's condemnation as 'xenophobic' and 'racist' where members of the public complained about immigration.

Bill Quango MP said...

Agree Budgie. It was a magistrate friend who showed me this story today.
But what really irked her was the billions in unpaid fines from our own offenders.
She told me the maximum that can be taken from someone on benefits is £5. If the fine is larger and the person doesn't pay, then theoretically they are sent to prison.

I asked if this happens often.
It never happens, was the reply. You mustn't send anyone to prison. That is for high courts only.
The fines just remain unpaid.

Surely working off a debt is the answer?