Sunday, 4 July 2010

Labour's NHS snouts bankrupting Britain

The NOTW has the sleaze story of the day; in 1997, before Labour came to power, just 6 NHS bosses earned more than the Prime Minister. Today, 320 of them earn more than Cameron.

Add to these the sleazy fat cats from the quangos and local government and you get a picture of unalloyed greed and self-interest at the heart of the public sector.

We've all got to feel the pain - so when, Dave, are you going to cull these obscenely paid plutocrats?


Nick Drew said...

"but we have to pay the going rate, otherwise they will all leave for the private sector"

now's the moment to put it to the test, eh ?

Rossa said...

And the union bosses busy lining their own pockets with fat salaries, expenses and homes on peppercorn rents while talking of a general strike that will only effect their members not themselves.

It's only the workers in the unions that pay on both sides whether through loss of pay, perks or subscriptions to their union.

Sorry I forgot the taxpayers money the unions get from the Treasury to "modernise and support equality and diversity" which comes from non-union member taxpayers as well.

Manganese said...

There has to be tremendous scope to make savings in this bloated sector. Let's hope that it is Dave who does the culling.

My fear is that the axe will be handed to the very people with the biggest snouts in the NHS trough - the managers and executives. We all know which group of people will get the chop first - and it won't be them.

Anonymous said...

Cuts in FRONTLINE SERVICES!!! Screech the headlines, well we haven't had any damn cuts yet....good grief the socialist media is getting in their 'retaliation' in first, led by naturally that bastion of sanity and objectivity (of course) the BEEB.

Tories in their infinite stupidity have ring fenced overseas aid and the NHS.
There is so much scope for paring the NHS it is nearly begging for it, the bloating of the administrative side is glaringly obvious to anybody who has need of using it's facilities.
Double, triple forms, numerous invitations to appear for specialist appointments few if any agree on a time, when one phones, so many departments to pass through, it is a mess, of nightmarish,indeed hellish proportions, presided over by an army of prissy unconcerned bureaucrats.
And if you make a complaint, it would make a saint weep tears of frustration, and nobody is ever, ever to blame, in fact management can claim (if you are venally clever or have no conscience) compensayshun for hurt feelings, ask Rose Gibb.
God knows how, a reward for pitifully failing in your duties, kinda sums up the NHS in one sad episode.
Gut! - not cut, now!
There is no need to harm numbers of frontline staff, actually attending to the needs of the sick, if the Tories address the Doctors contracts, there may be more frontline staff on call.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Not that I was ever much of a fan of Ronnie Reagan but when I found out that one of his first actions in office was to demand a list of Federal employees paid more than the President and promptly reduced their salaries to $1 less than the Prseident - he went up a tad in my estimation.

I see the despicable Rose Gibb got her loot - shame she didn't get her just reward really....

It's been very quiet -really- about the goons who were in charge at Stafford when they bumped off ~500 folk - shitweasels got promoted and are now in the ranks of those being charged with reducing costs FFS. Yet another case of putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.....

Mark @ Israel said...

I can't believe it. How come did those people get to receive that very high salary? How in the world did it happen? If government is serious about cutting government expenses, then they should consider the salaries of these people. For if this continues, Britain will really go bankrupt.