Monday, 5 July 2010

Mrs Dale's diatheses

Well, it's that time of the year again when Iain Dale invites us all to nominate our top 10 political blogs - earning, perhaps, one of those little icon thingies in the RH column. For anyone inclined to include 'Raedwald' in their top 10, many thanks.

It's been an odd year. Archbishop Cramner has been silent since mid-June, leaving the web without the voice of Anglican conscience, and Letters from a Tory signed off for good shortly after the election result. Both are grievously missed. Newmania in Lewes is too wrapped in work and swaddling clothes to blog frequently, Chris Mounsey, aka the Kitchen as was, has adopted a newer, kinder persona and the bike-shed gang of Old Holborn, Obnoxio, Anna Raccoon et al are somehow becoming mainstream and, well, a bit 'establishment'. The experts - Richard North, Tim Worstall, Chris Dillow, the team at Adam Smith, and others - remain as steady pacekeepers.

The lynch-mood on the right of the blogosphere so evident in the run-up to the election has been largely earthed; the hempen ropes (for now) coiled and back in the shed, and as the overall levels of indignation on the webosphere's right drop to 'background' levels there is plenty of room for spicy invective and cutting anger from the left - but somehow it's not yet materialised.

Ah well, still alive, as a chum of mine used to say. Link to Iain's thingy on the clicky below.

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Witterings From Witney said...

There are some of us who have not coiled up the hemp and continue to polish the lamp posts from which the hemp will be suspended!

JohnofEnfield said...
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JohnofEnfield said...

...the focus of right wing anger has moved to the US(Obamah-land).

See for example.

They see the creation of a state which is taking too high a proportion of the GDP, the unrepresentative left-wing MSM, immigration and illegal activity by the executive as the key issues.

It seems a bit like New Labour to me.

Nick Drew said...

it's interesting, isn't it ? also HG, Sackerson, Idle, Tuscan Tony ...

was it all driven by Blair & Brown ?

(seems to me there is still plenty going on)

Anonymous said...

Death to Blair!