Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Niqab should be banned on health grounds

Women from the Mahgreb, from Somalia, Bangladesh and Pakistan who come to the UK are at severe and real risk of Vitamin D deficiency and all the consequent ill-health unless they spend decent periods of time outdoors with their skin exposed to sunlight. Light, English Summer clothes are the thing - with lots of bare arms and legs.

We should therefore ban the Niqab immediately on health grounds, for the good of the wearers and the health and well being of society.

That's all.


Anonymous said...

The Niqab should be banned for various reasons.

1) It is alien to our culture. I own a property in Morocco and I don't expect to impose my Christian culture on those good people even though they are fairly secular.

2) The Niqab is just bloody awful for women. It is a severe form of religious subjegation and has no place in modern society and if my knowledge of the Quran serves me well (which it does) it has no place in those scriptures either. This HIDEOUS garment was imposed by men.

3) The Niqab is used frequently for nafarious reasons such as a disguise for terrorist activity.

Ban it now!

Coney Island

Nick Drew said...

Vitamin D - yes, and the NHS pays for them to take vitamin supplements to compensate

mark you, it spends even more on treating the consequences of overeating etc etc - it's only in the Army that self-inflicted injuries are penalised

Bucko said...

Smoking in pubs was banned for health reasons and they also want to ban smoking in cars / salt / satfat / happy meals for health reasons.
Peoples health is their own issue to sort out, not the governments.
You get vitamin D in butter.
Folk should be allowed to wear whatever they want and indulge in any backward superstition they are inclined to. They dont force the rest of us to were that rubbish.
All we need to ensure is that their pokey superstitions dont impose on us who dont want them.

Anonymous said...

Ban it in Britain, if they don't like it, the are free to leave.

Anonymous said...

It won't work. People should be free to get rickets if they want, it's their human right.

Chris said...

And give the quacks another illiberal stick to beat us with (this time: sumptuary laws)?

No thank you!

Freedom means the freedom to act self-destructively and dress in an eccentric manner if you want.

Blue Eyes said...

I agree with Bucko et al. The other side of the "freedom" coin is tolerance of other people's choices. If people want to get Vitamin D deficiency because they want to dress inappropriately then everyone else should say "your choice, buddy". I'm sure the Saudis would not object to my wearing a dufflecoat on a holiday to Riyadh.

I don't like religious headgear particularly, but I'm not sure that is grounds for it to be banned.

Hild said...

This is our culture. The wearers of this fancy dress refuse to accept us or our culture; but they come here to avail themselves of the 'benefits' that we and the culture provide. They also seek to place themselves in professional and government positions - and so to control the culture and us.

Result: Our own people leave because we are no longer free or welcome in our homeland, which also stinks like some Middle-Eastern cesspit.

So let's tell them, and the euSSR, to go back where they belong and leave us alone. It's OK for Irish
Celtic indigenes to do that to other Celtic indigenes...

PS: Blue Eyes - I don't know about duffle coats in Riyadh, but they'd get all bent out of shape if you wore a mini-skirt. You'd be no safer than you would in walking down the wrong street in Bradford (whatever you were wearing).

Anonymous said...

In general I couldn't give a monkeys about someone who wants to dress up as a Post Box but having just been able to avoid being hit by a "Stealth Woman" who clearly could not see through the vision slit I'm rapidly changing my mind. I've driven Tanks with better vision than the slit they peer through and frankly I think they are bl0$dy dangerous.
Incendentally, why are the wearers of these things so unspeakably ugly that men have to leave the room when they are taking the photo for their i/d - and how do you know the picture IS of the person inside the fabric letter box?

Anonymous said...

Self imposed ethnic cleansing.

Perhaps we shouldn't protest too loudly...

Tamianne said...

This is such a tricky issue and I find myself agreeing with so many of the arguments for and against. In the end I suppose I would have to go with my gut feeling and say, yes, ban them.

One of the main arguments against a ban is that the burkha/niqab is self-imposed, but I think in many cases it is imposed by men so that point of view loses strength because of that. I was sickened to hear a man on a radio chat show support the burkha by saying 'the beauty should be kept for the woman's family only'. So, allowing the burkha could be seen as a liberal act, but at the same time so could banning it.

It's really hard for me to come to the conclusion that it should be banned, as we live in a society with so much legislation and where I long for the liberty found in many other countries. Instinctively, though I feel this issue is different.

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