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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Olympburo Zil Lanes - gulags for offenders?

The IOC has been one of the most corrupt organisations anywhere in the world; bribery, dash and fraud characterised the organisation under Samaranch and many critics believed it hasn't changed that much since. The IOC fat cats will be amongst tens of thousands of sponsors and their corporate hangers-on, media and, er, competitors who are set to whizz in darkened convoys around London on specially designated Olympburo Zil Lanes.

And what do I get out of this? A whacking increase in my Council Tax to pay for these bloated bent herberts to swan about on privatised roads as they count the wads of notes in their brown envelopes, massive disruption and inconvenience on a titanic scale and streets obstructed with the ten thousand poxed Lithuanian tarts it's estimated will be needed to service this IOC fartfest as they pout like Pollack to attract the trade of the five thousand Polish event stewards.

And as armed police hold the population of London back on side streets to allow the Zil convoys to race through with motorcycle outriders, sirens and lights, no doubt the eleven thousand Romanian pickpockets and bag-snatchers imported specially for the Olympics will extract a further toll from the long-suffering population and the streets of Timisoara will soon echo to the sounds of London rap ringtones.

It won't be long before Theresa May announces the construction of a special Olympic detention camp where offenders who stray into the Zil lanes can be held, or where those seized by the Olympic Logo Police for wearing clothing bearing brand names or logos other than those of the official sponsors can be held and charged with the new offence of Ambush Marketing.

A curse on all their heads.


Anonymous said...

I once knew the Zil Lane Czar!

He decided to move on.

Demetrius said...

Told you so.

Blue Eyes said...

Why don't the officials and athletes simply stay in the Olympic village? They are not here to experience the restaurants and theatres.

Savonarola said...

IOC rotten but can still learn a scam or two from the Big Daddy of them all - FIFA.

UN IOC FIFA the Big Three.

Umbongo said...

Now one thing's for certain. Since this is London, somewhere along its route a Zil Lane will end and pour its users into the general traffic flow until the Zil Lane restarts about 400 yards further on. It's at these pinch points that (legal) mayhem will ensue. I suspect that I will not be alone as I slow to a crawl at such pinch points and refuse to move at more than 2 mph thereby raising Lord Coe's blood pressure to explosion point. If challenged by the SS (or traffic police as they were once called) I will claim that this crawl is a safety and environmental response sanctioned by the Office for Climate Change.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Savonarola: Don't forget the WHO.

Roger Thornhill said...

Bicycle power!

CCTV is no good against bicycles fouling things up.

The idea that this is for athletes is just a sham. It is for the hangers on, bag carriers, "Very Irritating Pricks", bureaucrats, "sponsors", "sponsor's concubine" etc etc.

Frankly, the IOC can collectively go and boil their own heads.

English Pensioner said...

What angers me is that these unelected commissars seem to be able to tell sovereign countries what they must do in order that they might honour us with their presence.
They should have been told that, "Yes we'd like to have the Olympics in London, and we will smooth the way for your organisation to build the necessary facilities, but you will have to find the money!"

Those who think the games help in regeneration, should only go and look at the Sydney Olympic Park, which is used occasionally for school sports, but otherwise is falling into decay.

Me, I'm looking for a suitable cruise, preferably on a ship without satellite television, whilst the games are on.

Anonymous said...

You can view roads affected here:

Suggest you book your holiday early !

Rush-is-Right said...

Spent Copper said...

While we are on the subject of the Olympics, I thought one of the most humiliating aspects of Gordon Brown's premiership was the sight of the goons of the Chinese Security apparatus, 'escorting' the Olympic Flame on its progress through London and pushing those who got in their way to one side. There again, perhaps its because I've always been a 'Sportsphobe' and particularly resent my taxes being wasted on sport that I am particularly sensitive about that sort of thing.

Thanks Radders, good post.

Anonymous said...

I was "invited" to tender for the initial phase of telecoms for the once barren site to be set up using wireless. I send the tender back to LOCOG with a note saying "no thanks, not interested". I had an amazed person call me asking why. He sounded incredulous that someone would dare dismiss his Olympic department, but dismiss it I did and enjoyed doing so over the phone. Feckers, the lot of 'em!

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Of course, if you do get caught for driving on part of the road that your taxes have paid for, you'll only be able to pay the fine if your credit card is one of the sponsors of the games.

. . . and I still think that the logo looks like Lisa Simpson providing a very personal service to a gentleman friend.

Anonymous said...

The Olympics were Bliars baby (another gross waste of time and money, like the eejit himself), if this non event were cancelled today I would be ecstatic and I don't live in the smoke, god help the people who have to live and work while this farce is on in 2012.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I was about to get all superior and provincial about this but I remembered we have a smaller but equally pointless, disruptive, and expensive junket coming to Glasgow in 2014.