Sunday, 25 July 2010

Police reform and ACPO closedown

First, a piece in the Telegraph by ex-blogger David Copperfield on his experience of policing in Canada, and how a local police force free of central Statist interference can be both cheap and effective.

Second, a few details from a leaked report in the Mail. Theresa May is to announce tomorrow the setting up of a national police body under the Home Secretary to deal with serious organised crime. I bet you thought we had one of those already, with SOCA, didn't you? SOCA has been a miserable failure, becoming little more than a comfortable sinecure for bloated police fat-cats. SOCA's chairman, director-general, ten directors and thirty deputy directors succeeded at only one thing; stuffing their mouths with public gold. One of the proximate causes of their utter uselessness was the role of ACPO in managing SOCA. It was just last year that Keith Bristow succeeded Ian Johnson in the ACPO role that oversees SOCA; during Johnson's tenure, SOCA cost the taxpayer £1.2bn and recovered just a few millions in crime funds.

Well, the signs are that May has learned the lesson and will be letting ACPO nowhere near the new NCA. Not only that, but she is planning additionally to strip ACPO of its counter-terrorism oversight role and place this wholly with the new NCA. And about time.

But until the malign and anti-democratic influence of ACPO and its shadowy capi are removed completely from public life in the UK, our chances of creating truly local, efficient and responsive police forces such as that in Edmonton that now employs PC Copperfield are low.


TheFatBigot said...

The problem with SOCA is that it operates as a branch of ACPO. Lots of big ideas and conferences, bugger all effectiveness on the street.

One day it might dawn on the politicos that the people of this country are really quite civilised. We tend to obey the law even if we think it is daft. We do so because we value the security delivered by a cohesive society.

Our main concern, in my view, is ill-disciplined people making everyday life unpleasant. Policeman Plod is the one and only thing we need to address that problem. Coppers on the beat, visible and authoritative.

Wider scale issues such as terrorism are not really police issues, they are national security issues. They are really army rather than police matters.

We need to separate day-to-day policing on the street from the wider issues and make sure old Mrs Muggins feels safe walking back to her flat from Tesco with two carrier bags.

That can only be achieved by Policeman Plod and Policeman Plod can only be put in place by a local police force. The more local the boss, the more local issues will be addressed. The more accountable (meaning sackable without a fat pay-off) the boss, the more he will arrange his resources to deal with the things that matter to real people.

JuliaM said...

"SOCA has been a miserable failure, becoming little more than a comfortable sinecure for bloated police fat-cats."

Ah, but it got itself a kick-ass logo!


Anonymous said...

Why not go the whole way and efface ACPO?

They are the most useless set of PC whinging orifices in a parade of useless beaurocrats.
Copperfield's piece is a stark contrast to what we have in this country, the culpability can be laid squarely at the door of the social engineers of Socialism and Nu Labour.
The politicisation of the police literally meant the gelding of the police (and it's complete feminization), it is just a bunch of girlie bureaucrats scared to go out of the door now.

If they do (go out of the station) not much happens.... it is a headlong rush to return to the safety of the nick or to; harass the middle class who won't give 'em any bovver' and who will meekly acquiesce.

Policing? - It's all hate crimes and non crimes and allowing the real thugs to laugh in society's face.
The grossly falsified crime figures are a joke the service is a laughing stock, they are weak inefficient and full of place men/women who have sociology degrees and no concept of street policing (ACPO to a tee), damn them all.
We want our streets back, we want law and order in our towns at night, Home secretary give us our police FORCE back!