Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A freedom from hectoring

It may just be the Summer, but it's becoming apparent that for the first time in donkey's years no-one's lecturing or hectoring me. No government ministers with their fatuous do-goodery, no bloated overpaid quango heads telling me not to throw tea-bags in the bin, no socialist 'tsars' with spiteful and divisive messages coming from the radio, no Labour placemen with their needling whining about something or other. It's a bit like the peace that descends after a prolonged bout of vacuum cleaning.

And the whole lefty arts and culture sector, so irritating for so long with their need 'to get the message across' are blissfully silent. No joint letters to the newspapers, no vacuous publicity stunts, no carefully crafted sound-bites boosted by the BBC about the need for more funding for unemployed teens to play with expensive video equipment, Somali refugees to run their own arts centres or more libraries for the illiterate.

Even those major irritants Chief Constables are silent. No silver-braided ninnies lecturing us on driving whilst thinking, leaving children locked in the car without a bowl of water and the windows cranked open a fraction, diving into boating ponds or allowing the police to get on with ignoring crime and not to attempt to ignore it ourselves.

Autumn may bring it all rushing back like some great Tsunami of asinine pseudo-virtue of course .... but for now, enjoy.


Nick Drew said...

it is just possible that the nation understands, deep down, that things are going to change

whether they like it or no

Witterings From Witney said...

Possibly they have all gone on holiday? Or is this just the lull before the storm?

JJ said...

They haven't gone away.

Enjoy it while you can...normal service will be resumed shortly.

Anonymous said...

It's because they are all now busy contemplating what they are going to spend their (our!) redundancy money on. And what other organisation or agency they can bilk when they have been hoofed out of their unnecessary offices.

Coney Island

Woodsy42 said...

Then you need to read this. It will wake you up!
These p**ts in the Law Commission have decided that there are loads of laws, some 3000+ new ones since 1997, that are not currently being effectively enforced because it's uneconomic to do so.
Their answer being to create lots of on the spot offences. (and inspectors to enforce them?)
The added benefit to their approach also being that the penalty charges will often be higher than the court penalty would have been.
I doubt you need me to underline the sheer arrogance and stupidity going on here.

Woodsy42 said...

Oh yes - I forgot to mention, the article is headed "Call to CUT the number of minor offences".

Elby the Beserk said...


Apart from on CiF, that is, where the concentration of 15 year old illiterate socialists increases by the day.

I give you this...

the labour party has the best propoganda machine ever they call it the concervative government many voters may have forgot thatcher the slasher but they are now seeing that it wasnt a myth and the concervative medicine dousnt taste nice

frome one 'sheffield35', for your delectation.


English Pensioner said...

But there was the Institute of Fiscal Studies hectoring the Government about the Budget cuts which I had to watch at great length on the BBC as I wanted to hear the rest of the news. They haven't gone away but are just in a different guise.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

In general you're right, Mr. R., but there are more than a few pockets of resistance left amongst the quangocracy, the local authorities, and the unions.

As examples we need look no further than Sandwell council's Stasi enforcers, or recent verbal extrusions from various busybodies in the BMA in re alcohol pricing.

We may have won a battle but the war could still be lost - and probably will be given the general spinelessness of the Cameroons; even those Cameroons who pretend to be on our side.

John said...

The reason so many Police Chiefs and Quango heads are quiet is because they are busy using up some of the 47 days paid holiday they get each year.

If they don't use it, they lost it you know...