Monday, 2 August 2010

The Mail and a Munter of a story

The Mail's on a hiding to nothing with its claims that FibDom MP Tessa Munt broke the law by claiming a 25% Council Tax discount when she had both her GP lover and 'Mad' Andy Kershaw living with her. As I've pointed out before, any number of people can live with Ms Munt without affecting this;
  • Boyfriends or girlfriends can live with you for up to 182 days a year on average, so long as they spend the other 183 days living in their own place
  • Likewise friends, relatives, vague acquaintances you met on holiday, your sister's friends, their relatives or anyone else can live with you for the same periods
  • If you're elderly and benefit from a therapeutic massage in the mornings, you can have a Thai masseur permanently living with you as long as you pay her no more than £35 a week.
  • My friend Lucy will be interested to discover that she can have the Cuban Military attache living with her permanently and keep the discount, or indeed any foreign military member or diplomat or their dependents
  • Your dimmer 18 and 19 year old relatives (if you have any) on 'A' level crammer courses can stay for free
  • You can have as many student nurses as you like to stay for as long as they care to
  • Anyone under 25 receiving training funded by the LSC can stay for free
  • All full time students can stay for free
  • And finally, you can have your own resident monk or nun in the spare room and still claim the single discount; handy for those who'd like a Buddhist for the garden.
In fact, it can be permanent party time chez Ms Munt and not a damn breach the Mail can make stick.


Anonymous said...

"You can have as many student nurses as you like to stay for as long as they care to"

Good news at last!

Darsalon said...

Ah yes, her. The election posters had "Vote Tessa" on instead of her full name for obvious reasons ;o).
Anyway, she's the one booted out David "Manure" Heathcoat Amory so it seems that constituency seems to attract the slightly corrupt. Which is a pity as I used to live in the same village as she does and it's a rather nice part of the world there.