Friday, 27 August 2010

Olympic paramilitary thugs to patrol streets for dissent

Pity those of us who live anywhere in London close to an Olympic venue, for under the London Olympic Games Act we're going to be subject to such crushing prohibition of freedom of speech, expression and property rights so as to make the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 look like a cakewalk.

For a start, the ODA are empowered to set up their own uniformed force of boot-boys who are empowered to act anywhere in the vicinity of a games venue or Olympic Zil route. They have also been empowered to break into your home, seize and detain you on the street and remove or destroy your property. For why? You may ask

Well, not just for the heinous offence of displaying a commercial brand other than the official Olympics sponsors. Oh No. This legislation prohibits any protest or display at all contrary to the games and the massive disruption and upheaval they will cause.

As s.19(4) states, powers may be exercised in respect of any non-commercial advertising and against announcements or notices of any kind. s.19 (5) states this will cover the distribution or provision of documents or articles, the display or projection of words, images, lights or sounds and even spoof adverts or logos of Olympics sponsors. So whether you put an anti-Olympics poster in your bedroom window, or just stand at your front door shouting at the Zil cavalcade as it races past the closed-off streets, you're liable.

For breaching the regulations, you face a fine of up to £20,000 and are also liable to pay costs - wait for it - to the ODA's private army for the trouble and expense of breaking into your house and tearing up your anti-Olympics poster.

The only saving grace is that these Olympic boot-boys will need a magistrate's warrant before smashing your front door down, but with lay JPs set to be replaced across London with State Stipes (or District Judges as they're called these days) there won't be any quarrel getting such warrants easily.

If you live outside London or Portsmouth Bournemouth Weymouth and Portland, think yourself very lucky.

NB Unlike the previous post, this one's not a joke.


Anonymous said...

OK, so the 100 days is over and so too is any "honeymoon" period for this government.

Radders - what was that you were saying about a quiet peaceful time currently? Free from hectoring?

I *HATE* all this Olympic bollocks. Its just a waste of time and money. It seems we are behaving much more disgracefully that the Chinese in respect of draconian laws. Fuck 'em, that's what I say...FUCK 'EM!

Coney Island
(The lucky northerner!)

View from the Solent said...

Portsmouth? Say it ain't so!
(Do you mean Bournemouth - for the sailing?)

talwin said...

From another Northerner, what Coney Island said.

Elby the Beserk said...

"If you live outside London or Portsmouth, think yourself very lucky."

Lucky? No, not lucky, simply smart. In the immortal words of David Byrne, "I wouldn't live there if you paid me to" ... nor would I, when I have leafy Somerset all around me where I am.

London? I don't think so.

Absent Londoner (pro tem) said...

Is it also illegal to organise a total boycott of the games by all Brits - including not attending any of the events and never again buying any of the sponsors' products?

Raedwald said...

Tx to the Solent corrected

Chris said...

"Happiness WILL prevail!"

Cheesy 80s sci-fi; not just a bit of retro fun, but the basis of an entire culture.

John said...

Presumably you don't mean either Portsmouth or Bournemouth, but the clapped out locality of Weymouth & Portland, where the Olympic Sailing events will be held.

Bournemouth will (thankfully) be nothing to do with the Olympics.

Don't mention rabbits on Portland... not a good idea. The locals are a bit funny down there. It's all the inbreeding you know.

Anonymous said...

'Tis iron boots steeling,
Over the rippling sea;
With seeping Shell,
And cracking Hell,
They'll kick and grind us down.