Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Polly stirs the ordure

Lady Toynbee, fresh from Summer in her Tuscan villa, returns to the Guardian to excoriate Blair and Mandelson as 'vain, venal has-beens' for voicing anti-Ed opinions. But no condemnation, not even a hint, of those public pro-Ed opinions from those other 'vain, venal has-been' Labour dinosaurs Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley. Thus demonstrating again that Polly's idea of equality has always been to boost one faction at the expense of another regardless of balance and fairness.

Meanwhile Balls is complaining that he's not getting any column inches at all. Or would be if there were any journos attached to his campaign to write it down.

The press have decided it's a two-horse race and Labour will never miss an opportunity to create a deep factional split in the Party, so expect more bitterness, and even more distortion, omission and misrepresentation from Lady Toynbee as the contest goes into its last knockings.

What fun!


SimonF said...

".....Labour will never miss an opportunity to create a deep factional split in the Party...."

Deep joy. The wider the split the safer the better for the rest of us. Next step, another long suicide masquerading as a manifesto note and hopefully the end of Labour for an election or two. (It would be too much to hope that it would be forever.)

Blue Eyes said...

I loved T*m H*rris' desperate plea for post-selection unity. Bring on the bloodbath!

Budgie said...

The reason why Bliar and the "New" Labour social democrats were invented was that the fall of the Berlin Wall made Clause 4 obsolete.

Balls and, apparently, Toynbee seem to have forgotten that.

Anonymous said...

Like ferrets in a sack, thrown into deep water and now as the water seeps through the hessian, the fighting grows ever more vicious.
God they all deserve each other, who cares who wins?
Let 'em rip themselves to shreds, not one of them has an ounce of probity, still yet honour - I hope a***wipe Balls gets it, Hattie would have been even funnier but she wouldn't stand, what a shame.

Treasonous Scum said...

"Lady" Toynbee.

I hope that's your wonderful wit Raedwald...

Bill Quango MP said...

Polly.. The only person whose tribal rantings make Harriett Harman seem like a level headed and balanced politician.

Anonymous said...

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