Friday, 6 August 2010

Stop this Halal and Kosher pandering

I don't know where it came from, at what point in childhood the impression was formed, but I quite definitely arrived at adulthood with the ingrained belief that both Halal and Kosher meat was dirty, as soiled and foul as meat sacrificed to Baal or Moloch, and never to be eaten. Perhaps it had its origins in the bottom-wiping habits of the butchers, but more likely from the Catholic clerics who gave me poor Latin and rich indignation. It's not true, of course - the hygiene thing - and I've knowingly ordered and eaten both halal and kosher meat in dishes many times.

But there remains something not right about it. Something tainted and idolatrous, something heretic and not quite right. Definitely something unChristian. Given the choice, I'd avoid it. I'd never buy it to cook with. And I certainly wouldn't ban the import of Halal and Kosher meat for those religious adherents, though I would like to see the end of these heathen slaughter practices within the Realm.

So it disturbs me greatly that Harrow Council is to switch all its school meat to Halal because 7% of pupils are Moslems. This is going overboard in pandering to Islamic nonsense, a grossly disproportionate accommodation by the Council. And it seems more than a few Christian parents share my residual superstition - for such it is - that our faith might be tainted by eating this heathen fare. Why should our superstitions be any the less valid than theirs?


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Anonymous said...

Raedwald, whilst I agree with you on the pandering to minorities by Harrow council, kosher & halaal should not necessarily be dismissed as superstition.

May I refer you to the Book of Deuteronomy for the first set of food hygiene standards.

However, that was then before the days of refrigeration and abbatoirs.

Anonymous said...

Let them eat veggies!

Anonymous said...

If Harrow had said 'let them all eat Kosher' you would hear the Muslims choaking for miles.

The State should never get into bed with one religion no matter how temptingly homoerotic it is.

If Deuteronomy contained merely a set of food hygiene standards I wonder how the people ate and survived beforehand where custom dictated. I do not think Jehovah or Allah discovered a way of saving people, only one of enslaving people and creating spys out of each and every person to police each other.

Socialists see so much of themselves in wanting to be ruled by a benign Islam, like wanting a benign Communist Dictator. It's in the beans.

Ed P said...

Animals are killed in a barbaric & violent way for Halal. The throat is cut and the blood drained, while the terrified animal struggles & expires - no stunning is employed.
How many young pupils would eat this meat if they knew this?
This medieval and cruel practise has no place in a civilised society, as Britain once was.