Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Woman with fat arse replaces Myra Hindley as national hate figure

The nation's in witchburning mood at the moment. Until yesterday, 32 year old 'Fat Slag' Wendy Lewis, dubbed Britain's Most Disgusting Woman by the tabloids for urinating on a war memorial and then performing a sex act on a drunken tramp seemed lined up for the flames and faggots, but Wendy is now old news as Woman With Fat Arse Who Put Cat In Bin takes top-witch billing.

The Coventry Telegraph, which broke the story, now finds itself at the centre of a global animal-lovers storm after the nationals took up the tale. Before long, the woman will be identified and pictures of her neat bungalow with nylon netties at the windows, scarlet pelargoniums at the door and a Vauxhal Astra in the drive will decorate the front pages. She'll probably turn out to be the local RSPB secretary. This is still August, after all.

I'd be furious if anyone put either of my two in a bin, but knowing the self-satisfied smirk they wear when they've just crapped in a neighbour's newly-hoed veg bed I can understand the temptation.


Anonymous said...


This prat thinks differently

Demetrius said...

Perhaps there had been a shower and the cat was wet so she popped it in for a while to keep dry and then forgot about it when she met Mrs. Thingy at the shop who was telling her about the problems she was having. Or the area might be the haunt of cat thieves supplying certain kinds of restaurants and she wanted to protect the cat. There could be more to this than meets the CCTV camera.

Anonymous said...


To do this to a cat means the person was intimidated by the cat. The cat was happy, the middle aged cow unhappy. What came over her was spite. She could not see something so low mock her life. A British disease of the one upmanship of the Middle Classes.

Mary Bale then got police protection. Because other people who relate to animals hate humans more. Inverts. A British disease of the Socialised Working Classes.

But what really made me sit up was: "The RSPCA confirmed today they would be questioning her." A Russian disease of the
Communised Prolitariat.


JuliaM said...

"Mary Bale then got police protection."

Even the police couldn't stomach this one. It turns out that was more tabloid invention, and they merely sent some useless PCSO to stand outside her door for a few hours.

No witness protection scheme for Mary (who, it turns out, works in a bank. Damn. I was betting 'doctor's receptionist'...).

Anonymous said...

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