Thursday, 2 September 2010

Always answering the wrong question

That scientific double act, Hawking and Dawkins, are both without doubt clever chaps, but sometimes one regards their cleverness in the manner of a dog that dances, or a goat that can do addition with its hooves. Somewhere I encountered the tale of a primary school teacher who would ask her pupils 'What is the best colour?' to which the correct answer was apparently 'blue'. Hawking and Dawkins have spent substantial parts of their careers trying to answer the theological equivalent of asking 'What is the best colour?' to which the correct answer is apparently 'not God'.

Hawking and Dawkins are both in their own ways trying to devise an SI unit to measure love. Well, if one can measure mass, velocity, brightness and loudness, why not love? How many mountains can 105 units of love (lets call them 'Joys') move? What's the peak reading of a Western teenager during the heights of their first 'crush'? Well, let them continue. It does no harm and keeps them busy, always trying to answer the wrong question.


Anonymous said...

Einstein tried it, gave up and arrived at the answer he first thought of; that there was, is and has to be an Almighty.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Einstein also said human stupidity was infinite.

I'd add that humans have reputedly 98% chimpanzee DNA and 22% banana DNA - slam dunk, case closed I think...

The brouhaha in the press about HawkingDawkin is just so much froth - looking to clog debate about more pressing things away from the arena of informed public discourse.