Saturday, 4 September 2010

Blunkett's stupidity still haunts us

David Blunkett is a man whose ambition was never remotely matched by his ability. His tedious, laboured and clumsy prose is indicative of a mind pushed beyond its comfort zone, not accustomed to original thought and not at home to any degree of endogenous principle. He was always struggling too hard to be successful, the struggle of a mediocre man of mediocre ability amongst those brighter and more able than himself, to pay much attention to his ministerial brief. Emotionally vulnerable, and the subject of a cruel experiment by a sophisticated and immoral woman, it was perhaps only Blunkett's blindness that prevented his colleagues long ago from quietly persuading him that he was just not up to the calibre of cabinet rank.

As Home Secretary he could have been taking his brief directly from the editor of the Daily Mail. He simply didn't have the intellectual strength to do otherwise. As a consequence, he oversaw some of the most repressive legislation to which the people of this nation have ever been subject.

His cautious misgivings now in the Mail about his signing away of our defence against vexatious extradition cuts little ice. This was an act of unbelievable stupidity, an unforgivable erosion of our most fundamental rights. This, together with our caving in, under the terms under which the European Arrest Warrant is empowered, to every tin-pot Balkan village magistrate, Greek Anglophobe or Spanish fascist, have undermined the most fundamental raison d'etre of the State - to defend its citizens. Blunkett and his like have abrogated this duty to the lesser breeds without the law, and in doing so have betrayed their own people.

Whether Theresa May is the man to reverse or limit this iniquitous perfidy remains to be seen. But Cameron's government will be judged not on its fiscal nous but on the extent to which such repressions are lifted from our backs.


Elby the Beserk said...

He betrayed the British people - a cut and dried case of treason. Sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

Robert said...

There can be no reversal of any legislation to do with Europe without the other 26 members agreeing to the change. We are in the union with all our old rights signed away not by Blunkett, but all the prime ministers from Heath to Cameron. That Cameron has allowed this European arrest warrant to come into force just underlines what a two faced git he is. Remember this was the 'eurosceptic' at the last Conservative Party leadership election.

Blunkett first came to prominence in Sheffield in the 1970's when it became the first nuclear free zone in the UK. That was only the start of the municipal madness that saw factory roofs ripped off perfectly good buildings to avoid paying rates. Most of the industry that could got out and went to Chesterfield or further afield. After the steel strike of 1980 Sheffield became a ghost town. The largest employer left was Bassetts of Licorice Allsorts fame.Blunkett was leader of the city council and as left wing as anyone at that time. Even Kinnock in those days was 'radical' and dangerous.

And yet...given his handicap you have to somehow admire his determination and the hard work it took to overcome many obstacles.

They make them tough up north but Yorkshiremen are not noted for their intelligence.

Budgie said...

I wonder, Robert, whether you would consider Sir Fred Hoyle to be "not noted" for his intelligence?

And I expect you mean the EIO not the EAW. You see, the EAW was brought in by the Labour quislings. Call me Dave's pathetic capitulation (so far) was over the EIO.

As for Blunkett, he was told explicitly on numerous occasions about his attacks on our civil liberties. He had no excuse when he insisted on so doing, and still less now. Mediocre little gauleiters like Blunkett should be in prison for treason.

Angry Exile said...

"Whether Theresa May is the man to reverse or limit this iniquitous perfidy remains to be seen."

Not holding my breath. Did her boss stick by his promise to have a referendum? Nope, he weaseled his way out of it. The LibDem part of the Cobbleition have always been pro-Eurpoe and the current Tory-ish party are just in a lower gear than the other two main parties. If she was the type to do anything about it they probably wouldn't have given her (him? Like it) the job in the first place.

Yokel said...

@ Robert
The Great Simpleton used to have this on his blog header:
"Tha can always tell a Yorkshireman, but that can't tell him much!"