Tuesday, 14 September 2010


As part of an occasional series, just a reminder that retail sale of frosted incandescent lamps is now banned and clear incandescents follow from this month. However,

TLC Direct are offering 100w frosted BC at £5.05 inc VAT for 10,
BLT Direct are offering 100w frosted BC at £5.36 inc VAT for 10.

Both have plenty of stock. No connection with either.


thefatlady said...

I think you will find that the manufacture and importation of incandescent bulbs is what is banned, not the retail sale. Existing stocks can still be sold, and that is what is happening. However, some stores (e.g. Homebase) have staff giving false information and are selling off old stocks.

There are several companies still selling 100W (and higher) rated incandescent bulbs.

Anyone know if the ban covers 12V dichroic lamps? Presumably it doesn't cover incandescent bulbs for cars.

Raedwald said...

AFAIK, EU legislation on dichoics and reflectors (shop lamps) was due by 2009 but I haven't heard any more.

G9 and other halogen capsules are currently banned, so worth stocking up on these as well.

thefatlady said...

I meant to say that Homebase, etc. are selling off old stocks of currently legal bulbs and fittings and are pushing useless LED spots, etc. They are saying that buying "banned" incandescent bulbs is breaking the law!

FWIW I am currently being illuminated by three 100W incandescent spots just purchased from here

Budgie said...

Assuming 25 million households, 10 CFLs per household, 5 milligrams per CFL, each CFL lasts 2 years (yes, I know the government claim longer) that gives 0.62 tonnes of mercury introduced to the UK every year. If 1/3 are re-cycled, then 0.4 tonnes gets dumped in the environment. Mercury vapourises and is a neurotoxin. Don't live near a waste dump.

djy said...

Took delivery of 20 100W rough service BC lamps, from Light Bulbs Direct, only yesterday.

Bill Quango MP said...

Through some sort of computer error, when one of the energy companies was giving away its free, green, efficient, light bulbs,I received 20 packs.

They are in the shed somewhere.

Ed P said...

230V halogen lamps will not be banned. There are adapter bases for BC, SBC, SES & ES which take these bright little lamps (no delay in reaching brightness, unlike the dreadful compact fluorescents), complete with bulbs in various shapes. they're relatively cheap and available from (among others) International Lamps.
(I have no interest in this company, except that's where I bought mine.)