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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Scots prohibitionists defeated

After the defeat of proposals for minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland last week, the Scots Parliament yesterday threw out proposals to impose a minimum age for off-licence sales of 21. Nicola Sturgeon, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a girl known on campus as 'kanga chunks' whom I dated many years ago, now sees her Nanny strategy in tatters. 

The Scots have many good reasons to get drunk, including being governed by a cabal of joyless fantasists such as Mz Sturgeon, and few cogent restraints. Many fine Scotsmen under 21 will have served with the colours with great distinction in Labour's wars in faraway lands and it's no sort of gratitude to tell a man who may be a battle hardened junior NCO that he's not responsible enough to buy a tin of lager.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Exactly! If a Nanny type person wants to be an effective Nanny and not just a nuisance Nanny, then she (or he) should be able to get to the root of the problem.

People don't drink too much because alcohol is cheap. The price of alcohol to an alcoholic is as irrelevant as the price of drugs to a drug addict. The price of alcohol to a person who likes a social drink will only sway the place they go to buy it - pub or supermarket. The corollory of which is the price of wine in France (and other EU countries) as compared to the UK. If the price of alcohol in the EU is any yardstick, then we in the UK would all have become bible-thumping presbyterian teetotallers some time back in the 1700's when excise duty was announced.

No, Mrs. Nanny. The problem isn't the alcohol, its the endless multifarious pressures of living in modern Britain that is the real problem. Now, Mrs. Nanny, go fix it!! Or shut up!!

Coney Island