Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Brussels filth thrust snouts in UK savings

The filth of Brussels, that smug cabal of Eurocrats, has decided now is a perfect time to expand, give themselves a 3.7% pay increase and increase their collective cost to £8bn a year. To UK civil servants now facing redundancy and reduced pensions, already subject to a pay freeze, this is a salutary slap in the face; every pound they save will be paid over to an EU civil servant. 

But one has to say they've brought it upon themselves; no cohort in the UK has been as enthusiastic about Europe as Whitehall, no cohort so willing to goldplate and to implement the diktats from the Eurocrats. 

So as our well-satisfied masters in Brussels count up the tribute from their vassal states that keeps them in such considerable luxury, they might just remember that the Anglophone world has something of a history of dealing with remote and hated regimes imposing increased taxes.


Anonymous said...

I love the smell of irony in the morning!

Robert said...

We didn't deal very well the last time we had all those taxes imposed on us by a foreign potentate.

It took the French to sort that one out. The last chap who did it is buried in Worcester Cathedral having had all hid treasure washed away.