Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fake Charities; sorting the wheat from the chaff

Labour's corrupt and peculative grant support for fake charities whose only role in life was to, er, support Labour's political message has to end. Some of them realise this and are using all the crooked and distorted reasoning of the zealot to make their case, ably supported by the BBC. Alcohol Concern is a case in point. 

For as long as man has known the secrets of C2H5OH (I think I've got it right this time) and left various jars, jugs, goatskins, hollowed logs, buckets or bottles of the stuff around the cave / tree / hut / house, man's children have been unable to resist a secret try at the stuff. At the age of eight, the brother and I would from time to time, when the parents were absent, treat ourselves to a sherry and orange squash. At Christmas the glutinous level of the Bols Advocat in the bottle would drop inexplicably. And like Prince Charles, at ten I was fond of a drop of Kuyper's Cherry Brandy. None of which made me either an alcoholic or a case for health concern. From time to time, some children (and I never did) will illicitly drink enough to make them noticeably drunk. In the old days they'd be sent to bed to sleep it off and learn a lesson; today, they're likely to be delivered to the casualty department and put on the child protection register. 

And this is a serious point. Given the changing nature of society's response to intoxicated children, you can't rely on reported incidents and anecdotal evidence to prove diddly squit; to be academically honest, you need to look at the incidence of child mortality from alcohol poisoning over time. Better medical care over time doesn't make much of a difference to the stats; there's not much you can do once the alcohol is in the bloodstream, and by the time anyone administers an emetic to empty unabsorbed alcohol from the stomach, the child will probably have puked most of it out already. So the fact that no one is waving the stats at us makes me believe that such deaths are rare and certainly far lower then in the past. 

None of which prevents the fundamentally dishonest fake charity Alcohol Concern from presenting anecdotal evidence that ' a child as young as ten' has been treated by A&E, that those aged from 14 -18 are being taken to hospital for being drunk more frequently than before or that the explosive growth in drug and alcohol workers employed by the State during the Labour years has unsurprisingly led to an increase in the reported numbers of young people with drink problems over the same period, in the same way that recorded parking offences increase in proportion to the number of traffic wardens employed. Yet not one single mention about the only figure that matters or means anything - mortality from alcohol poisoning. 

And the point of this spurious and fatuous garbage from Alcohol Concern? They recommend increased State funding for, er, organisations such as Alcohol Concern. Below is an extract from the Department of Health's grant giving for 09/10; for some reason, I can't find their 10/11 grant table anywhere, but if it emerges that Cameron's government is continuing to fund this fakest of fake charities at my and your expense there should be shouts of outrage from every voter in the country. 


Witterings From Witney said...

"anecdotal evidence that ' a child as young as ten' has been treated by A&E, that those aged from 14 -18 are being taken to hospital for being drunk more frequently than before"

Which begs the level of intelligence of the 'parents' concerned! As you say, in the good old days the child would probably have got a good clip round the ear too.

Anonymous said...

Just bin the ***king labour party.

Dick Puddlecote said...

AlCon: sucking at the public teat since 1985 when the government set them up. They should seek help for their addicition to taxpayer funds before lecturing others.

Mcgraw said...

What makes me puke about these FAKE CHARITIES is the steal my mone then beat me round the head with it.
Not to my face either, they get the power of the government to do their dirty work for them.

English Pensioner said...

A fake charity peddling fake statistics!
"those aged from 14 -18 are being taken to hospital for being drunk more frequently than before"
Without actual figures such statistics are meaningless. If one child in this group was taken to hospital in 2008, and two children were taken there in 2009, the statement is technically correct, but totally meaningless when the overall population is taken into account.
Beware of all statistics without actual numbers - they can be used to "prove" anything you want.

Brew Wales said...

Alcohol Concer Cymru gets funded by the Welsh Assembly Government to the tune of 250,000 quid for 2010/11