Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hidden donors to Scots Fake Charities

Citizens Advice Scotland is a Socialist lobbying organisation masquerading as a charity; it is institutionally committed to the central State, to Welfare slavery and to the destruction of individual human responsibility. As part of its political lobbying, it's just sent out expensively compiled dossiers to each Scots MP and MSP detailing the effects of benefits changes. No surprise there, then. 

Now in England in Wales when you want to see just how fake a fake charity is, you look its accounts up on the Charities Commission website and up come the detailed filed accounts. Not so in Scotland. The OSCR only publishes the most uninformative of headline information, with no detailed accounts. You have to apply directly to the fake charity for the accounts, thus effectively hiding the fact that of Citizen's Advice Scotland's  £5.476m income, only the minutest fraction comes from legacies and donations and the rest from the taxpayer. Only I can't tell you the exact figures. 

Keep a close eye on the Charities Commission, readers; where Scotland leads today, the Socialists South of the border will follow tomorrow. I predict that before long this online information will also disappear for English and Welsh fake charities on the grounds of 'cost savings'. 


talwin said...

A smidge OT, I know, but the politicisation of any number of charities (tax-payer supported or not) is becoming a bit of a pain.

Only a few weeeks ago Private Eye carried a full-page ad from the RSPCA, not as you might expect about your pussy on bonfire night or the unwanted pit-bull after Christmas but about the impending (wicked) Tory cuts.

They can now write off my envelope/collecting box quid.

English Pensioner said...

I've given up supporting all of the large charities except the Salvation Army. Most larger charities have become an end in themselves and many receive money from the government for supporting government policy. The local hospice, dog rescue centre and the like get any money that I can spare.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The RNLI is still OK.

They have it in their constitution that they won't accept government money.

The day they change that will be the day my donations stop.

Tightwad said...

I support only the RNLI.

Raedwald said...

Yes, RNLI here too - and don't forget King George's Fund for Sailors, another of the good guys who do some splendid work

Scrobs... said...

I'm with English Pensioner here - any spare coppers etc go to the Salvation Army.

When the tsunami came along, there were all sorts of high profile cherridee' organisations, with earnest, urgent PR faces and 'oh my Godding' all over the place, and who just got on quietly with the job with absolutely no fuss?
Yup the Sally Ann as usual.

George Speller said...

I agree - the SA and RNLI - maybe the last heroes.

Anybody know about the Red Cross tho'?

Anonymous said...

I give to my sons school, the local orchestra (for their work in disadvantaged schools)...basically am happy to support an organization that has some actual activity; some of these others exist just to raise money for their fundraising and I fail to see what their actual purpose is.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

King George's fund for sailors?

Never heard of it, will look it up right now, thanks R.