Sunday, 10 October 2010

If it's about 10s ...

If it's about tens, October 2020 is a decade away, beyond the mental time-span of most politicians who can only think as far as the next election. Ten months or ten minutes means something to a politician; ten years leaves a look of blank confusion on their faces. Yet without looking at where we as a nation want to be in the years ahead, government will become, as it was for thirteen years under Labour, a long series of little bunny jumps of incoherent and reactive measures, a legislative programme driven by the need to bribe and cozen the cohort de jour. So what, if I had the choice, would I leave a future Britain by 2020?

A sovereign and independent Parliament - A Parliament supreme, not subject to Europe and not subservient to government, in which independent MPs put country and constituency first and always

An equitable and responsible society - the clear and unambiguous reward of merit and the end of unearned and undeserved preference together with a shared duty to care for and to succour the deserving poor, the incapable and the sick

A moral nation - the wealthy and privileged as well as the wretched underclass have rotted the moral foundation on which good society must be based; greed, sloth and lust are not 'lifestyle choices', envy and materialism pit man against man. A virtuous people and the open recognition of the fundamental Christian values at the centre of our lives and our nation.

Honour for the Little Platoons - honouring the horizontal ties of family, locality and community and the re-empowering their local institutions at the level of the parish and the ward and the petty sessional division as having prime and independent authority and jurisdiction

The primacy of national interest - the recognition that a healthy, strong and congruent nation acting on the international stage primarily in its own interest also benefits every other nation; a nation with a bite, that can defend itself and the sea lanes so vital for our very existence

Freedom - Britons can once again become the most free nation on the earth; free from persecution, coercion, injustice and the oppression of the evil that is socialism and free to speak, communicate, gather and make decisions ourselves with strong and independent recourse against the power of the State

Cultural congruity - into the dustbin with the apartheid of multiculturalism - there is no room in Britain for 'separate development'. We are one nation, a glorious hodge-podge mongrel mix, a great pudding of a people  but one that must share a common and Christian culture that has integrated, absorbed and adopted much that is good and true from elsewhere

If we can even step now onto the right path to achieve the above, I shall rest content in my grave.


Anonymous said...

One thing would do, we must cut ourselves adrift of the slaver (The EU) and make our way out to the open sea and freedom.
A little thing and at the same time a momentous step and one this country must make.
We must not listen to the siren voices of the federalists and surrender monkeys and perverted corporate vested interests.

Though, has the nation been so subsumed already, that it cannot break the chains securing us to the slaver?
Sadly, I deem the answer is yes - little by little the old memories will fade, tiny pockets will remain but time will efface the memory of a once mighty nation.
Isn't this what our glorious politicians always wanted
- Heath, perfidy was thy name.

The spineless amoebas that run the Parliamentary 'corner shop' now, are merely lickspittle's of Brussels. I curse all of them.

Witterings From Witney said...

Nice post R and heartily agree with your wishes for a legacy.

After all, is there any better?

Witterings From Witney said...

ps: have tweeted the link to your post.

Budgie said...

An excellent post - mainly because I agree with most of it!

I am not convinced, however, that the British are the "... glorious hodge-podge mongrel mix, a great pudding of a people ..." that you suppose; see Stephen Oppenheimer at

He says "But the English still derive most of their current gene pool from the same early Basque source as the Irish, Welsh and Scots." That is roughly two thirds in the SE to about three quarters in Wales and Ireland is from the original ('Basque') settlers after the last ice age. The rest is from immigrants (Celts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Norse, Norman, recent immigrants etc). The SE of England is nearer the continent so has the greater one third admixture.

Just a Thought said...

Budgie - like many of us, the Basque folk also seek their independence. Perhaps we do indeed have much in common after all.