Monday, 25 October 2010

Jackie Ashley

Jackie Ashley (Rosebery Grammar, St Anne's Oxford, m. Andrew Marr) writes today in the Guardian:
Poor Britain is staggering, burdened by the dead weight of Guardian journalists. Our wealth creators have to carry on their shoulders dozens of second rate hacks – useless, arrogant scribblers with gold-plated pensions. So it isn't just unfortunate economic necessity, this programme of cuts: only by slashing at this dark undergrowth can we free the private sector and grow back to good times.
Actually, I lied. But Dorries does it all the time, so hey. And what I'd have Mrs Marr say is more honest than the gumph she peddles; I predict the total demise of the Observer, once a good paper, as the public sector advertising teat runs dry for the Guardian.  


Jeff Wood said...

Does anyone know how the trend is going on the non-jobs advertised in the Grauniad?

I just looked, and it didn't seem to me there were many vacancies advertised at all, and few from public sector employers. However, I never followed these pages before, and haven't taken the Graun since a particulary nasty piece by Monbiot, and have no reference point.

Tufty said...

I'm not sure I'd like to see the demise of the Observer. We need the absurd as a kind of yardstick. If everyone turns sensible, we'll lose our bearings.