Monday, 18 October 2010

Multiculturalism nothing but Apartheid

As I have said many times before, Multiculturalism is nothing but Apartheid in a pretty frock. There is no room for 'separate development' in Britain, and full integration with our historic and Christian based culture is the only sure way to avoid problems. Now, it seems, Chancellor Merkel agrees: 
Multikulti, the concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it has utterly failed. We feel bound to the Christian image of humanity, that is what defines us. Those who do not accept this are in the wrong place here.
The Jews have got it absolutely right. I mean, when was the last time you saw a synagogue? They exist of course, but discreetly tucked away, not in your face. And most successful Jews are as English as English can be. Jews have learned that integration is the way out of the shtetl. In return, our culture has absorbed and adopted as its own many facets of Jewish culture, becoming enriched in the process.

The Islamic challenge to our western belief system may even be prompting the development of a third Enlightenment here in Europe, in which Christianity becomes less a religion than a cultural reference point, not a matter of faith but a matter of identity. The young can already wear the cross of Christ as costume jewellery without a hint of self-consciousness, and in the anecdote about a shop assistant's question - "Do you want a plain one or one with a little man on it?" - may lay the future. 


Robert said...

Just as well this is not the Netherlands or Austria or you might be in a spot of bother for these views. Better watch out for those European arrest warrents.

Anonymous said...

Your usual erudite analysis. Well done.

William Gruff said...

Robert has a point, though such considerations should not prevent us from speaking freely.

William Gruff said...

PS: I can believe the anecdote: A young colleague of Mrs Gruff's had no idea what Noah's Ark was and couldn't grasp the concept when it was explained to her. She knows about Diwali, and Ramadan and Eid and Hanukkah of course.

Umbongo said...

But, of course, the Jews wanted a way out of the shtetl while holding on to what they deemed was valuable in their culture and, as you write, succeeded in doing so thereby enriching our culture immeasurably. Moslems, as I perceive it, do not - by and large - want a "way out". On the contrary, they want us all to join them in their Umma since, in their view, Moslem culture in all its aspects beats Western values every time. In this cultural war we are the untermenschen.

Consequently, we are not at the dawn of another Enlightenment. We are at the dawn of another Holocaust. This time the inheritors of European civilisation are the ones who will be herded into the metaphorical gas chambers. In those chambers the cultural life of the West will be snuffed out to be replaced by a triumphalist Islam leading us back to a new Dark Age probably made worse, as Churchill said about another tyrannical belief system, by the lights of perverted science.

Anonymous said...

Chancellor Merkel now states that multiculturalism has failed. Whether multiculturalism has failed or not, is not an important issue any more. MC turned out to be a useful vehicle for Muslims to embed themselves in all institutions of society. Its all old hat, and Merkel was stating something that is way past its useful date.

It is now going to be very difficult to stop the Islamisation of the West. But it can still be done without sacrificing our principles of tolerance.