Wednesday, 20 October 2010

This is choice

No commentary, just an invitation to recall in the two images below the freedom we've so foolishly lost;


Weekend Yachtsman said...

But I have gained the freedom to go to a pub for an hour or two and go home without my clothes and hair stinking for days afterwards.

Say what you will, it's a win for me.

Raedwald said...

And why shouldn't you continue to do so? Why not give the choice to the proprietor? There will still be many who ban smoking, but why can't we have a few that don't?

hatfield girl said...

I'm rather fond of the smell of French tobacco.

Specky said...

Weekend Yachtsman
Oh ! and that would include an empty or closed pub where the majority of punters used to smoke then ?
My ex local was just like that.
It was a man's pub you probably would not have liked it anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Weekend yachtsman.

No it's not, it's a loss for you, only you are so far up your own backside you fail to see. A loss of any persons rights is a loss to us all! What they take from one, they take from all, after the smokers, the drinkers, the fatties, the climate deniers have all been taken care of, sailors, pilots, climbers, pot holers, all are in the firing line. You health and safety are not your concern, they are the concern of others who know better than you!


talwin said...

I follow your point about the now empty pub formerly enjoyed by smokers: fair enough.

But I don't quite see any logic in your snide comment to WY about a pub where there are smokers being a 'man's pub' (implying that at your local, to show that you're a 'man' you need to smoke; & presumably because WY's not a smoker he's not). FFS! At that point you lost your credibility and just sounded like, well, a knob.

Just surprised you didn't go for the full hit and further suggest that to be a 'man' in your local you needed tattoos on the back of your hands and, better still, a couple on your neck. Oh, don't tell me.........!

Blue Eyes said...

This is choice - and what a choice. I mean Rothman's? Seriously?!