Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Friend of Dorothy to be Canon

There were many young hearts smitten with the charms of Veronica Ball in Ipswich many years ago; the fact that her father was an ordained clergyman in the Church of England but that she attended the RC Convent School added a sort of ecumenical charm. It was surely therefore someone high in administration in the realm of Royal Peculiars with a sense of humour who elevated her father to be a Canon of Westminster, to London's gain and Ipswich's loss. 

Now the East Anglian Daily Times announces that Canon Hampel is to be translated from St Edmundsbury to St Pauls cathedral. The paper makes no mention of a daughter, yet alone a wife, but in a curious selection of little encomiums from colleagues includes the gems "I know he will flourish in this role in the centre of London, particularly with the opportunities that the Olympics and other ceremonial events will offer." and "He will be very much missed at St Edmundsbury Cathedral for his thoughtfulness and kindness, his love of film and Dorothy L Sayers, and his liturgical talent."

One suspects that a sort of code is being used here, but one impenetrable to anyone for whom Crockfords isn't bedtime reading. 


English Pensioner said...

Better ask "Archbishop Cranmer" or "The Church Mouse"!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Or A.N.Wilson

DAD said...

A Canon - he should be fired !