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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Labour whines as its dirty tricks are nixed

Labour is the party of political corruption. It was Labour that maintained an electoral system that made sure a Tory vote was always worth less than a Labour vote, Labour that froze boundary reform to a glacial pace that preserved their utterly corrupt electoral advantage. Now the coalition is taking the sword to Labour's Gordian Knot, they are whining like spoilt brats. And don't forget, it was Labour who, in creating more of their own peers than Tory peers, attempted even to unbalance the Lords to their corrupt advantage. 

You may be astonished to know that Labour left the Lords with 234 Labour peers to just 193 Tory peers. If those seats on the red benches were allocated according to last May's vote share, it would be 237 Tory peers to 190 Labour peers. 

No. Labour are whining because all their electoral dirty tricks, all their cheating and unfair advantage, all their corrupt, unscrupulous and rotten deceits and deceptions are being cleaned out, and our political system being returned to something with fairness, probity and transparency. And that's what they hate.   


Anonymous said...

"that's what they hate."

I ferkin abhor Liebour with a passion, they are the scum of he earth.
If there is anything wrong in this country, it can be laid (undeniably) at the door of the teachings of the Socialist ideologues and Liebour - in their ruthless implementation of Socialist policies. And, the Tory scum are no better, never (Thatcher tried and the party stabbed her in the back) have they lifted a finger to halt this societal re-engineering, therefore they are complicit.
Socialists have pulled the wool over people's eyes for far too long, they do not represent the working class, they despise workers, more especially - White British working class voters, not only are Liebour misanthropic, they are also utter snobs/knobs and hypocritical........ - but then, I am not dismayed and - don't get mad, get even.

Witterings From Witney said...

"our political system being returned to something with fairness, probity and transparency."


Then why has the coalition hidden in the Public Services (Reform) Bill the ability of a minister to amend law without going through Parliament? They opposed just this measure when Labour tried it in 2006 with the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.

New government does indeed equal same old government.

Anonymous said...

Labour are traitors tottalitarian communists and control freaks, only in it for their own looney warped agenda.
I hope they never surface again they ruined this country for decades maybe for ever.
Utter corrupt filth.

Budgie said...

It is true that Labour is greedy and corrupt as are all statist parties, but Call Me Dave is not far behind.

Already CMD has sold out the UK on a number of issues: no Lisbon referendum; accepting even more control over us by the EU; helping to bail out the Euro with our tax money; ludicrously building aircraft carriers with no aircraft; his personal photographer; more taxes to support the CAGW scam; and so on.

Proportional representation shows that UKIP could have a better result at a general election than FPTP allows them. If PR existed the Tories would be forced to be actually eurosceptic rather than pretend as they are now. That fakery is also corruption.

English Pensioner said...

I hope that when the draft electoral reform bill is published it will include something like they have in Australia and New Zealand where it is an absolute requirement for the electoral commission to keep the the elector numbers in each constituency within, I believe, 5% of each other. Until we have such a law, it will always be possible for the incumbent party to manipulate the numbers.

Elby the Beserk said...


The aircraft carrier was Brown's work. As was making the penalty clauses cost more than building them. Not to mention the votes bought with our money. Some might call Brown a traitor. I would.

Anonymous said...

Cameron should simply cancel these idiotic contracts and let the companies sue. If they win then the government can simply refuse to pay up anyway on the grounds of written evidence of Liam Byrne - "we have no money left"..

There are no votes for Cameron anyway in that neck of the woods, so what does he have to lose?

Budgie said...

Elby the Beserk said: "Budgie, The aircraft carrier was Brown's work."

True, but the lack of aircraft is Cameron's.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Not all their dirty tricks, or all their cheating, or all their corrupt ways: I have not heard that postal voting in "Muslim areas" is to be subjected to proper scrutiny; but perhaps I missed that in the news.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I thought you a little less partisan than this.... all I'll say is Nothing Like a Dame

Or... is she so far out there she doesn't count?