Sunday, 14 November 2010

Remember Justice in Victory

Frank Walus was typical of the many millions of civilians uprooted by war. Born to Polish parents living in Germany but returning to Poland before 1939, he soon found himself back in the Reich as a conscripted forced labourer. Just 5'4" tall at 17, he was hardly an imposing figure. He spent the entire war years working as a forced labourer on German farms. After the war he went home, to Kielce in Poland, where he endured the Communist regime for a number of years before entering the USA in 1959. He became a naturalised  American citizen in 1970.

Poland's Jews had just cause to resent the behaviour of many Poles during the German occupation; the willing collaboration of a significant number of Poles in the deportation of the Jews to the extermination camps has been well documented. Perhaps many even resented all Poles, innocent or guilty, because of the behaviour of a few. In any event, Walus was denounced to the OSI by Simon Wiesenthal as a Nazi guard. Wiesenthal produced a number of witnesses from Israel who all swore blind they had personally seen Walus in Poland forcing young girls to undress before shooting them, executing prisoners, smashing babies against walls and all the panoply of human cruelty that could be imagined. It was all, of course, at best false memory, and at worst malicious fabrication. But the US put Walus on trial for it anyway. 

It took a long time, but dogged investigation uncovered incontrovertible evidence that Walus had, as he had claimed, worked for the entire war as a forced labourer, and that he had never left Germany. Eventually, and grudgingly, he was cleared. 

We know all this because a research group in the US has just forced the Justice Department to release the full version of a 2006 report into America's Nazi hunting activities.  

As we remember today all those who have fallen in war, spare a thought for all the Frank Waluses who were not cleared, who didn't receive justice; the innocents who became victims of 'victors' justice' and whose lives were so carelessly and gratuitously taken in proxy for the guilty. Whatever the nationality of the military victor, victory without justice is hollow indeed. 


FrankSW said...

Now read American Thinkers "Whatever happened to 'Never Forget'?" to put this injustice in context.

I heard Holocaust survivors insisting that we must never forget, and I thought they were just repeating the obvious. Why did they have to keep on saying it?

Well, they were right, after all. They understood more about human nature than I did.

Today the Left has lost the Holocaust and its moral meaning -- not just the simple fact of 6 million Jews, plus millions more gays, gypsies, handicapped people, anti-Nazis, Russian and Polish civilians who just got in the way, Londoners who died in the Blitz, and tens of millions of "mere" war victims who lost their lives between 1939 and 1946 at the hands of inconceivably cruel regimes like the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

No, the Left has also consigned the 100 million victims of Marxist fascism to that Black Hole as well. The Holocaust is now sort of like baseball statistics. Every fan knows those numbers, but they don't carry any moral weight........

........A Leftie friend recently told me his answer to the 100 million dead from Marxist regimes. He said all those dead people didn't matter, because "tens of millions of people die all the time from plagues and heart disease." He has now drawn a moral equivalency between Stalin, Hitler and the tse-tse fly. But tse-tse flies don't kill with malice aforethought, while ideological mass murderers do.

Anonymous said...

FrankSW - and this person is still a friend of yours??

As an aside, I have had to wonder at times about the activities of the Simon Wiesenthal organisation. But just for today, lets not go there....

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