Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Royal wedding GDP boost

As Vanity Fair predicted, 2011 was always the favourite year for a royal wedding; competing with both the Jubilee and the Olympics in 2012 would have been just too much. The potential for a boost to GDP is also handy; nice to see the Family doing their bit, Ma'am. Sweden found that Princess Victoria's recent wedding increased GDP by some 5bn Crowns, against a direct cost of 20m Crowns. Not bad. Lets hope St James' gets its act together on image licensing and IPR protection, or the pound shops will be filled with the most appalling  Chinese-made miniature manikins of Waity Katy and Big Will next Easter. 


Anonymous said...

Weighty Katy and Big Willie??? Are you being naughty?

Woodsy42 said...

Do you really think sites should be censored?
It's very easy to say that something is dangerous or incites violence/disorder etc and should be closed down but who would you trust to make such a decision?
Police, politicians, judges, your next door neighbour? Would you close only sites that incite violence or would you include those that encourage smoking or mock global warming or are anti EU?
Sorry, to my mind censorship, like prohibition, is both ineffective and highly dangerous to the remnants of liberty we still have.