Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What Is It With Socialists And Rogue Capitalisation?

Somewhere in Britain is a secret training school for Trade Union bosses that teaches them to enunciate as though each word starts with a capital. Sometimes this secret training leaks out, as in this circular email from the Centre for Public Policy Seminars;

How Best Can We Prevent And Reduce Homelessness And Improve The Lives Of Those People Who Do Become Homeless?

Date: Monday 13th December 2010.
Time: 09:00am.
Venue: The Royal Commonwealth Society, London.

Hmm. Not the snappiest conference title, is it?


Polly C Wonk said...

Surely the question should be: How Can We Make The Centre For Public Policy Seminars Redundant?

Anonymous said...

That very same school teaches in only two dialects - Scouse and Glaswegian. Listen next time one of them gets air-time.

Coney Island

Edward Spalton said...

Extrme London Estuarine dialect is also permitted.

I expect that the greengrocer's also have an academy for the use of aberrant apotrophe's

Elby The Berserk said...

Build more houses?


talwin said...
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talwin said...

Surely the whole seminar title is a poorly constructed arse. I think I know what they mean but the sentence doesn't properly say it.

If they can 'prevent' homelessness the 'and' aspirations which follow are irrelevant (a bit like the Centre for Public Policy.)