Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The ascendancy of the Left

During Labour's final years in office, the political blogosphere was dominated by the righteous anger of the blue. Labour and left-leaning blogs were constantly on the back foot, most not even trying to defend the indefensible against the coruscating reason of the right. Most languished in the lower ranks of those who enumerate these things, and it was a matter as fixed as the stars in the heavens that Guido and Iain would always occupy the nation's top two political blog slots. No longer. 

As this blog has dropped this month from somewhere in the sixties to below the 100 mark in Wikio's rankings, the top ten are also newly dominated by the Left;

1. Liberal Conspiracy
2. Left Foot Forward
3. Guy Fawkes' Blog
4. Iain Dale's Diary
5. Labour List
6. Labour Uncut
7. Liberal Democrat Voice
8 ConservativeHome
9. Heresy Corner
10. Political Scrapbook 

This is I think as it should be. From it may come the desperately needed re-orientation of the left away from Statism and Welfarism irrespective of Miliband and Balls. And I expect to see the trend continue; Iain and Paul are going to have to fight to stay in the top ten.   


Elby the Beserk said...

Liberal Conspiracy top! Hundal is a nitwit. Post there the other day in which he said kettling in the students was "totalitarian". Having been in the USSR in 1968, and having witnessed plain clothes arrest Czech students at gun point when they talked to us, wanting to know what was happening (we knew no more than them), I called him on it.

No response.

Hundal is close to cretinous, and ideologue who cannot wait to be offended by the next happening which does not fit his world view. If LC is the top left blog, then they are no threat and no opposition.

IMHO, anyway.

Blue Eyes said...

I am now pretending to be a Leftie in order to maintain my position. If I fall back below 30,000th I will cry.