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Thursday, 16 December 2010


The bent bastards still don't get it. Cameron is reported to be prepared to increase dosh paid to MPs for non-Parliamentary expenses to keep them quiet; the Telegraph reports they want bigger flats and more free travel for their children. Excuse me? Since when has anyone in the commercial world been able to claim travel expenses for their children? If you take a job away from home, you live in a Travelodge during the week and get used to not seeing your family. Unless you're an MP, of course, with a snout in the taxpayer's trough. 

The scum have also racked up enough dodgy claims for the auditors to refuse to sign off the books; not only £1.8m of dodgy receipts being held by plod, but a further £13.9m either with insufficient evidence to justify payment. Any sales rep with such a record would be out on his ear. So why is Cameron pandering to the bent scum? 


Robert said...

They are doing it to serve their own ends and because they know they can get away with it. What are you or I going to do about it?

I didn't vote for any of the bastards. This is not a government I support, but short of violence there is not much I can think of doing.

The power is in Brussles, but the rot is in Westminster.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The power is indeed in Brussels - as shown by the fact that this week those scum have awarded themselves no less than £91,000 a year in expense allowance, tax-free natch, and for which they don't have to produce any evidence of payment at all.

The worst excesses of historical corrupt regimes never reached this level of sheer hubris.

A black plague on the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

One of the requirements of being a politician, specially a career politician, is not having any experience of a job that requires the creation of wealth. Thus politicians have no idea of the value of hard and valuable work, and its relation to wealth. So these politicians can spend other people's money with gay abandon as they have no idea what it relates to except spending it.

Demetrius said...

You are too kind. I recall a time when there was none of this for M.P.'s and the House was a better place for it. And the M.P.'s were better men (and women).

Don Cox said...

The simple answer is to raise the salaries and allow no expenses whatever.

Budgie said...

Expenses are a fair way of coping with MPs from distant constituencies.

But MPs should be provided with one rent free, but not owned flat, in London. Also with the cost of a small office with at most (discuss) two admin staff. And a weekly return train ticket to their constituency. And nothing else - no home flipping, no gardeners, no duck houses, no porn films etc etc.

selsey.steve said...

The solution is simple.
Barrack-style blocks one each for Con, Lib, Lab and Others. Canteen provided, with ONLY canteen-type food.
Bar? Of course, but at London pub prices.
Smoking? NOWHERE in the premises whatsoever.
Offices? Provided (just a few square metres) with shared typing and secretarial staff.
Offices and accommodation to be on public transport routes which MUST be used by all MPs, slightly discounted tickets permitted for this purpose only.
One pre-paid rail ticket (Cattle Class)per week to return to constituency.
Three consecutive weeks without attendance at constituency clinics forfeits the ticket for a year.
Anything beyond this comes out of the MP's salary.
No expenses claims entertained whatsoever.
Seems reasonable to me.

Anonymous said...

As Steve says and drop their wage to minimum, after all they are unskilled and as the Job Centre keeps telling us they can top up with tax credits!!

sauce for the goose and all that