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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cable's humiliation

One imagines Vince Cable as he wakes this morning jamming his knuckles in his mouth and frog-hopping across the bedroom floor in the manner of vintage John Cleese. The silly sod would probably give anything to be able to turn back time. It's taken just 48 hours for Cable to go from Mr Clean to Mr Bean, destroying not just his own reputation but neutering the voice of the LibDem conscience in government. He now joins Charlie Kennedy in the ranks of political suicides. His self-destruction should now allow Cameron a little more shoulder room to push forward more Conservatively slanted policy. Nice one, Vince.  


wonderfulforhisage said...

".....allow Cameron a little more shoulder room to push forward more Conservatively slanted policy."

What makes you think he would want to?

Budgie said...

That, wonderfulforhisage, was exactly what I was going to comment before I clicked on the comments.

Edward Spalton said...

Charles Kennedy did very well as Lib Dim leader when he was drunk. Then the fools decided he had better sober up - and look what happened!

Cable was all right and seemed very wise when he had no responsibility and a couple of favourable sound bites. Now we know he is an extreme self-regarding prat.

If he had been Conservative, he would have been out on his neck instantly.

Just look at what happened to Lord Young! I am sure this will all build up healthy pressure on the COnservative back benches.

Ed P said...

I'm starting to wonder if Harm-man is actually right - men are weak, partly because they are so vulnerable to the charms of pretty young women, making them unsuited to high office.

English Pensioner said...

This is nothing to do with whether he is in agreement with the coalition agreement, for which he might possibly have had an excuse. It is the simple stupidity of a man who opened his mouth before putting his brain into gear, and as such has shown himself totally unfit for high office under any government.