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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Cruddas represents the real danger

Old Statist Labour has embarked on its death slide; without the gerrymandering and corruption they maintained in government and built into grossly skewed constituencies, without voting fraud and the peculation of tax funds on an epic scale by Labour politicians and officials, without the shameless jobbery that filled the quangos with Labour placemen the old Leviathan is on its last ride. In an act of assisted suicide they have elected an unreconstructed Marxist as Leader, retained  a Statist redistributionist as Deputy and filled the vacuum of opposition with a jejune and adolescent series of posturings about as intellectually credible as the manifesto of the flat-earthers. The Coalition, it seems, holds the ideological high ground. Perhaps except for 'Jon' Cruddas. Regard the following quotes from a recent interview;
“The biggest calamity facing society is the relentless disintegration of the family and the profoundly dangerous consequential element of a lack of male role models”
“The Labour Party once had strong links with the Catholic Church, as the haven of migrants. Labour used to be civic and religious, now it’s secular and statist."
“Fraternity, duty, obligation, I like those things, and it’s clever for the Tories to do that"
 “I like Phillip Blond. I like the idea of mutuals and the mixed economy. You have to re-capitalise the poor and create a just society. Labour has to be there. We’ve lost our language, we talk a lot about justice and fairness but we don’t talk about duty and family.”
“People get worried when they can’t get a house or a school and it becomes racialised, it’s very dangerous stuff. This [race] is what everyone is talking about. When your community changes around you, it’s very uncomfortable. I think Labour should conserve things – families, relationships, communities.”
"There is a crisis of social democracy in Europe; does Labour just become a residual metropolitan and public sector or does it speak a language that transcends the identity politics?"
Let's just hope that the self-deluding myopia at the heart of Labour freezes Cruddas out, because if there's anything that can save Labour it's thinking like this. 


Ed P said...

Cruddas is that rare thing, an honest, ethical and conviction-based politician. So what he's doing in the nest of vipers that's the remnant of the Labour Party? If he started a new one, perhaps called the Family Party, or the Fair-deal Party, he would represent a threat & much-needed opposition to the Coalition.

Rossa said...

But then you get this from Harriet Harperson:

JuliaM said...

Cruddas is talking a good game, yes. But who wants to take the chance that, if given the opportunity to DO rather than TALK,, he actually would..?

JuliaM said...

And given the fact that Cruddas is currently getting an almighty kicking (from all sides) in CiF for his column supporting the banning of Pastor Jones from the UK on the grounds that, though he hasn't committed any crimes, crimes 'might' be committed due to his mere presence, I think he's blown any chance he has of being seen as Labour's man of reason...