Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Farewell to Iain Dale

I shall be sorry to see Iain depart the blogosphere, and the medium will be all the poorer for his going. This blog owes much of its initial exposure to Iain, for which I remain grateful. However, two things have coincided; Iain and Guido, those lions of blog statporn, have both started to slip down the rankings. It's hard to be in 4th place when you've been number one for so long. Also, Iain's disappointment at not securing a seat in this year's election led him to close off that particular career path. The ex-owner of Politicos is now doing what he always did best - political publishing, and his is set to be the nation's leading political imprint. A regular spot on local radio also makes up in some small way for a place on the green benches. 

We wish Iain all good fortune for the future, and look forward to seeing him in the public eye for some time to come. 

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