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Saturday, 4 December 2010

It's not sick leave, it's theft

Being a policeman is not the most dangerous job in Britain. It's not even close to being the most dangerous job. The construction industry, mining, quarrying, fishing and even window cleaning are all professions with many times the risk of work-related injuries and fatalities than policing. Even amongst the emergency services, firemen face far greater risks to health than the police. So as the 'Times' tells us today (no link, £) that 10% of the police we employ are either on sick leave or 'restricted duties' at any one time one smells a very big rat.

Police work-related sickness or inability to work should be no greater than any of the professions that are inherently more risky in occupational health terms, yet it outstrips them by far. It is clear that coppers, with the connivance of their bosses, are faking illness to an extent unheard of even amongst the cosseted ranks of pre-Thatcher dockers or print workers. And it's costing us a small fortune. And let's be clear. It's not swinging the lead, it's not skiving, it's not sick leave; it's theft. 


Anonymous said...

To be an upstanding individual and example of moral rectitude, is no longer a requirement in today's modern police (and arm of, social services directorate).
A paper pusher, social service worker, upholder of diversity and of ethnic grievances, purloining and the prosecutiion of law abiding citizenry - is though.

Sad, very sad, it must be said though, there are many who (in the Police) who are not part of this (and don't not want any of) emasculation of the FORCE.

Many good lads still remain in the FORCE.
Not all, see it like ACPO do, thank God for them, give us our (proper)coppers back! ....and give the good ones all the support they require...AND.... bin ACPO.

It is a crying shame, thirteen years of Marxist indoctrination and yet again: the unseen hand of the EU in this, their tentacles reach far and wide in this country.

Ed P said...

It 10% are not working, does that mean crime goes up or down 10%?

Anonymous said...

Ed P

The police do not "do" crime that affects the public in a major way. Therefore crime has no relation to police work.

OTH, convictions for motoring offences are related to police work.

Ed P said...

Thanks, DP111, but I was alluding to the crimes they commit, not any they might deign to try and solve.

Anonymous said...

Ed P.


pjt said...

One thing impacting this could be that in the UK, the police seem to be more "progressive" than many other professions (like window cleaners or firemen). Meaning, there are many very active initiatives advancing the idea that there should be minorities, disabled people, women, etc to work for the police.

And as the news pointed out, all 10 % are not on sick leave, but also on "restricted duties". And for instance, a pregnant woman cannot reasonably be expected to go to restrain violent demonstrations, thus she is on "restricted duties".