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Monday, 6 December 2010

Labour's poll lead

Foot's assumption of the Labour leadership in November 1980 immediately pushed Labour ahead in the opinion polls, and, as the prospect of the extent of the cuts necessary to rebalance the economy became clear, Labours lead went into double figures, giving Foot real hope of an election victory before 1984. 

Of course, 'events' were to intervene.  


Ed P said...

As I recall, people trusted Foot, unusually for a politician, to tell the truth. We were happy with his honesty and incisive mind & wit until the election loomed. Then all the left-wing rhetoric was no longer so attractive, as the prospect of electing Foot actually to lead the country frightened people, who abandoned Labour.

Ed P said...

As for Mildred - he may provide a dose of purgative for Labour, but they really need to regroup and provide a robust opposition. He is so obviously the wrong man for the job that I cannot believe he will be leading Labour for long.

noneu said...

Well at least Foot had a British face. Millipede looks all slimy and... slithery and ... well, millipedey.